June 27 2021

Covid has killed off a lot of personal enthusiasm about the NBL1 season, lockdowns etc. have caused the season to stop and start and in the chaos of the world’s problems and the saturation of COVID news it is hard to remember when something starts again.

The Melbourne Tigers are having a mixed bag of a year, the men are struggling and the women are thriving in NBL1 South competition, the women have always done well since they came in as a SEABL team after all they were the first to make playoffs.

NBL1 South, that’s how much the second tier competition has changed as it used to be just NBL1 because other competitions around the country were singing from a different song sheet but now they’re all together under the guidance of the NBL.

It’s funny that the Tigers got away from Larry Kestelman only to end up in a competition with his fingers in the pie but that’s just the way it goes sometimes and the important thing is that we’re still alive and he can’t change the club like he done to the spin off Tigers.

Things will get better in this world and enthusiasm will rise, heck it is even rising while this is being typed out and perhaps that’s all that’s needed when you’re down about something, the chance to talk about things to remind yourself about what you love and give yourself the energy to do things.

Tigers Men are expecting some star power to return now the NBL season is done and dusted for the next couple of months so it will be interesting to see how the season goes from here.

Speaking of Melbourne United, they won a second NBL title the other day, they still need to win two more to match the Tigers in titles won, some may say United have won six but they way they go about things it is two to them and four to us.

Wouldn’t it be cool in the future if the Coburg Giants entered NBL1 then it would be a Tigers, Supercats, Giants and Spectres ex NBL team party.

We’re lucky people, I watch the Victorian Football Association pages on Facebook and see supporters mourn the losses of their many clubs and reminisce but we are lucky because our club had interests in Australian and Victorian Basketball so while we lost out in the national league, we’re still alive in NBL1 and BigV etc.

That’s it for now.

Thoughts on 2020

May 2 2020

With the 2020 NBL1 season cancelled, I haven’t had anything to do for the first time since the day Larry Kestelman decided to call the Melbourne Tigers NBL team the name Melbourne United.

It feels like yesterday that a bunch of fellow Melbourne Tigers fans tried to fight Melbourne United, of course the chances of stopping Melbourne United were slim but we were defending decades of history, decades of memories, decades of potential success in the future.

It was totally and completely worth every moment and will always be that way, many people have become friends, learned new things and some even found jobs they never thought was possible for them to have.

Then we were told or reminded about the original Melbourne Tigers, the club that spawned the spin off that graced the NBL for thirty years, they were in business and they had plans for the future.

Meanwhile regarding the NBL, Some who declined (that’s putting it politely) to follow United decided to follow the Sydney Kings when Andrew Gaze coached them, some of us picked other clubs and some just abandoned the NBL completely and haven’t looked back.

We watched how the Melbourne Tigers went from Big V to SEABL, saw the Men went from 3 wins to 7 wins and then threaten for finals and then finally made it to finals in NBL1 and before that we saw the Tigers add a Women’s team and they made the finals within two seasons.

Last year we got to see every game on YouTube and for somebody who lives in Queensland, it was the best thing since the Tigers won the last of their four NBL titles and it was even more special when the Men made the finals .

NBL1, isn’t it funny how we once again ended up under the gaze of Larry Kestelman but this time he only owns the competition and not the club so we cannot kill us off a second time.

This year we would of threatened to win the title, last years team was largely retained, some old favourites returned and things were looking sweet, then came COVID-19 and the end of a promising season before the began.

2021 will happen, hopefully those who signed on the dotted line in 2020 will do so again for 2021, may the fans who have gone away continue to find their way back home to MSAC as the Tigers play and may the city of Melbourne be proud of the Tigers.

Finals or Bust

July 18 2019

This weekend is the last weekend of the NBL1 regular season and the Melbourne Tigers Men have a chance of making finals.

The good news is that the Men have two games left and the bad news is that one is against the leading team Ballarat whilst the other one is against Eltham.

If Bendigo loses against Geelong and the Tigers win against either Ballarat or Eltham then the Tigers are in.

Bendigo, Dandenong, Melbourne and Waverley all have 10 wins, Bendigo has one game left and Dandenong, Melbourne and Waverley have two.

Waverley have to play against the teams from Tasmania and is tough to win over there, the Huskies are a tough team and the Tigers were lucky to get a win against them at MSAC after getting a pasting in Hobart weeks earlier.

Melbourne’s weakness is Free Throws, the side has had very bad luck with Free Throws and it has cost the team several victories.

Dane Pineau is a major key to Tigers success, the Tigers are a better side with him because he can score, rebound and block but most importantly he brings others into the game.

The Tigers have plenty of scoring options and if they can get each other into the game then they will be a problem for Ballarat and Eltham.

The Women have had a tougher season but if they can beat Ballarat and Eltham and Waverley loses both their games and 2% then there is a chance they can make it.

The chances of success are small as Waverley has both Tasmanian teams away but if Waverley stumbles there’s a chance providing the Tigers bag both wins.

If the players shoot accurately and get each other into the game then it is going to be an interesting weekend.

Go Tigers!

Tigers Sweep – April 7 2019

April 7 2019

Today was Round 2 of the NBL1 season and the second home game for the Tigers.

Both the Men and Women were looking to get their first win of the season to get going before both teams play a stretch of games on the road.

The Women’s game was Frankston’s midway through the third quarter as they held an eleven point lead.

The Tigers turned it around in the quarter to narrow the gap and then played excellent basketball to win by 6 points.

The Men had a 11-2 start against Frankston and led at QT by 8 but it was Frankston was leading at Half Time by 3 points.

The Men found their first quarter form in the third quarter to lead by 12 at 3QT and the fourth quarter was almost a stalemate as Frankston was only able to narrow the gap by one point.

Both games were well attended as viewers could see the seating area filling as the Women’s game continued on and was almost full by the end of the Men’s game.

Both games had over 100 live viewers with a maximum of 125 viewers at one stage of the Men’s game.

So both Tigers teams are 1-1 heading into the series of away games, it is going to be a great season of action.

Not long to go

March 7 2019

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the start of the NBL1 season which starts on March 31 against the Bendigo Braves.

Who would of thought five years ago that the Melbourne Tigers would be associated in any way with anything that Larry Kestelman’s NBL touches?

In 2014, the Tigers spin off club was renamed United, retired jerseys were no longer retired and history seemed to have disappeared.

But while Tigers fans were originally brokenhearted, the original club was starting to go places as they went within six months from Big V to SEABL and slowly but surely as the years gone things were getting better.

The Tigers seniors went from the Men going from 3 wins to just missing out on the Finals by their third year.

The Tigers 1993 look was a hit in 2018 as it stood out against the rest of the league jersey offerings.

The Tigers women got a club in 2017 and they went from 7 wins to making the finals in their second season (2018) and they scored a win against Nunawading which was the first against a former NBL club.

SEABL is now gone but the challenge remains with NBL1, the Men have finals to chase and the women have a chance to make finals twice in a row.

The Supercats and Spectres are still playing too and maybe one day the NBL1 will see the Coburg Giants come in and make things more interesting, forget about SE Melbourne Phoenix in the NBL.

The good news about this season is that all games are going to be streamed, no more watching a scoreboard online or waiting for an away game for a broadcast.

So fellow Tigers fans it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia or overseas because if you can’t get to MSAC then sit back, relax and cheer on your Tigers from home and don’t forget your membership.

Go Tigers.

Tigers Fan Wrap (20/11/18)

November 20 2018

The NBL this week announced that the SE Melbourne Phoenix are entering the NBL in the 2019/20 season.

This means basketball fans in Victoria have a local choice of two teams again since they got to choose between the Tigers and the Dragons back in the late 00’s.

There are a number of Tigers fans who did not stick with Melbourne United when they dropped the Tigers name and some may choose to follow the Phoenix though at the moment some are quite happy to stick with the Sydney Kings.

Meanwhile the Sydney Kings with former NBL Tigers Andrew Gaze and Lanard Copeland coaching and SEABL 2018 season Tigers Tom Wilson and Deng Acouth getting some court time have improved to have a 5-3 record.

Bec Cole who helped get the Tigers Women get into the second week of SEABL Finals this year was named on the Round 6 Team of the Week in the WNBL and is doing well with the Dandenong Rangers.

Meanwhile the countdown continues down for the next Tigers season in the Senior Elite League that replaces SEABL, there is ??? days to go.

That’s it for now.

Still here

November 6 2018

It has been some time but I’ve really missed writing about the Melbourne Tigers.

SEABL is all but dead but the Tigers have a competition to participate in for 2019 which is good because Saturday nights without the Tigers in top competition would not be great fun.

It sucks that the Pioneers aren’t part of the new competition, they are a great side and the Tigers had some great games against them, we almost beat them in the final round for 2018.

Today is this site’s birthday at least according to the bill it is, it has been standing for four years and started back in the days Tigers fans were full of sadness after the NBL era was over but the club recovered and fans were rewarded with the Women making Finals and the Men made life difficult for their competition.

So it is a couple of months before we see some basketball action, hope time really goes by quickly.

Semi Finals Tigers

August 4 2018

The Tigers Women are in the Semi Finals and tonight they take on the Nunawading Spectres.

Nunawading have had great success against the Tigers but the Tigers did beat them only a few weeks ago to make it an even battle at least in the eyes or machines of the bookies.

The Women’s success this year should build fan confidence in the Melbourne Tigers, people love success and this year the Tigers have been successful and have seen the club go from a club with a famous name to a club that can cause trouble to sides.

Isn’t it amazing that just four years ago we had no SEABL teams and our Tigers were playing in BigV largely unnoticed to the casual fan and our spin off NBL Tigers became Melbourne United.

It’s hard work at times convincing fellow Tigers fans that the Men and Women who play for the club in SEABL are worthy of the same level of support that fans gave the NBL club over 30 years of competition.

They are totally worth it and things can only go up from here, the Men were just a few points away from finals this year and if the Men and Women can retain their lists and perhaps add another player or two then 2019 could be a season of double success.

Regardless of the result tonight, our second taste of finals should be enjoyed because we have earned the right to be semi finalists.

The stakes are high

July 6 2018

This weekend will be the Tigers most important weekend since rejoining SEABL in 2016.

A string of losses caused by fading out in the last five minutes of a game have sent the Men’s team from being comfortable in the Top 8 to now being on the outside looking in.

Last Saturday’s loss against the Supercats was devastating particularly after opening up a 10 point lead with five minutes to go, the loss was so upsetting it still hurts.

The Men seeming have four weaknesses, the last minute of each quarter, the last five minutes of the last quarter, turnovers and securing rebounds.

The team does have a wide range of scorers but if one players goes cold in scoring and nobody takes his place in keeping the scoreboard ticking over, it is all over.

Turnovers have been deadly for the Tigers, the Tigers can play fast but if the timing is slightly off the ball will end up in the hands of the opposition.

Rebounding is important, despite having Deng on the team, the team is still struggling to get the rebounds needed especially on offence.

Snagging more rebounds could offset some of the turnovers and keep the scoring going for the Tigers (or preventing the opposition from scoring more).

The Men have to win this weekends games to stay in the hunt for Finals, now that fans have the taste of success they want more and this year has to be the year.

The Women’s team have been in erratic form but early performances have kept them in the Top 8.

They got the Tornadoes and then the Rangers, Dandenong should be weakened thanks to an Opals camp picking players from most of the opposition to come.

The Tigers have three main scoring options in Rebecca Cole, Monique Conti and Louella Tomlinson and when they on a roll they can score 20 points or more each but they need the others to score too especially if the opposition halts one of the three.

A clean sweep weekend can give the side a little space before trying to beat Nunawading for the first time, meet Dandenong again and finish against the Sparks.

July 20 could be a very tense night for Tigers fans, both teams will be playing in two different locations and both games are overlapping so expect the possibility of some very nervous Tigers fans.

But wins this weekend and perhaps the next two weekends can prevent such a tightrope from happening, time will tell and everything is in the Tigers hands.

Tigers Men beat 2017 record

June 16 2018

Last night was a big night as first the Tigers Women notched up their seventh win to equal their 2017 performance.

By now fans will have noticed the Tigers have a scoring trio in Rebecca Cole, Monique Conti and Louella Tomlinson.

Geraldine McCorkell now has an average of 4 points  but can reach double figures as seen in last nights effort of ten points, four rebounds and two assists.

All nine Tigers scored points in the game which will be pleasing for everybody.

After the win it was the Men’s turn to play and they were in trouble as with the team already without DKD the Tigers struggled to find a scoring answer from the starters and were kept in the game thanks to Maxwell Viitala scoring.

The Tigers then came alive in the second half with Tom Wilson and Jimmy Todd able to score more freely to get the Tigers in front at 3QT by five points.

Maxwell Viitala after his good first half popped up again in the fourth to keep the scores coming with Billy Hughes shooting consecutive threes to ensure the Tigers would win by 16 points.

Deng Acouth fouled out with just under four minutes to go after scoring 12 points and 22 rebounds and he apparently he threw a chair after coming off the court but there was no tech foul or ejection to suggest it was a big moment.

All Tigers played their part in the game and if they continue to spread the contributions around instead of relying on one or two sources the league will find themselves facing a formidable team.

One spectator did report that a Chargers fan yelled out to Deng to go back to his own country, a comment that was not supported by Chargers fans, the team and stadium officials.

So the first half of the Tigers visit to Tasmania has been a complete success, hopefully tonight will be the same but the bookies aren’t confident giving both Tigers sides $2.10 odds.

We’ll see what tonight brings.