News, News, News, Everyone wants some

September 13 2017

NBA Playgrounds has been a fun game for 26 dollars on the Nintendo Switch, picked Ben Simmons as one of my two players and have won all the tournaments on offer for single player.

But it is time to put the controller down as there is some Tigers news.

Hanna Zavecz has become a Spectre which is interesting but people do change clubs and at least the Tigers got lots of notice unlike a situation earlier this year when two players left on the eve of Round 1.

So that means there be at least 1 change to the Women’s team for 2018, hopefully the Tigers Women’s 7 wins this year has made joining the club an enticing prospect for those looking for a new home or basketball challenge.

Diamond Valley are coming to SEABL in 2018 and it will be interesting to see how they go and if we can beat them and march up the ladder.

Pretty sure SEABL has scrapped the conference system and have gone with a AFL like ladder for 2018 so it will be interesting to see where the Tigers end up next year with all sides on the one ladder and not two.

News is always good, kills the boredom and makes season 2018 not seem so far away.

It’s boring

September 9 2017

Off season is very boring, it seems the more years we experience off season, the worse it gets.

It is true that over the next few months the front and back yards will get worked on and looking all pretty but Saturday nights and the occasional Sunday afternoon are a little empty.

Yep definitely missing the nights and afternoons watching the stats and hoping the Tigers will win, it was such a good feeling when the Tigers started sweeping the night or afternoon.

So out comes the Nintendo Switch and hours spent playing NBA Playgrounds to pass the time, its not a bad game it is like NBA Jam but you can mix players and legends if you get their cards.

Oh why can’t 2018 come along any faster?

Tigers Ball

Early this year whilst poking through Gamemaker, there was a basketball game that got our attention.

It was a basic drag back a basketball with the mouse, release and hope to get it in the hoop.

So we attempted to make our own and it got good for awhile but it seemed to run into problems, you could score if the ball went the other way and it seems to lag though it could be because of monitor.

The game had a countdown clock, a scoreboard and a high score board that could be wiped.

Maybe the problem will be solved one day and people could play a proper game of Tigers Ball.

We’ll see.

Tigers Ball

Closing thoughts on season 2017

The Tigers last night held their Hall of Fame dinner, from all reports the night was a big success and there is no doubt that next year will get the attention of Basketball scribes and word spreads further of this great institution.

Lindsay Gaze, Ray Tomlinson, Al Westover, Brian Goorjian, Andrew Gaze, Mark Bradkte and Warrick Giddey were just some of the people honoured last night, a treat for those who were lucky to be in attendance.

For those wondering how so many NBL and WNBL era people are honoured, the Tigers had a life before the NBL and kept having one outside the NBL whilst the spin off team was doing its thing on the national stage and that has allowed the Tigers to honour such a large number of a players and administrators as they all played a part.

The dinner brought to a close season 2017, a season that ended solidly for both the Men’s and Women’s SEABL teams as they racked up wins to secure 7 wins apiece.

Both sides had to deal with adversity, the Women’s team was rocked by two high profile departures on the eve of the season opener which was not very nice and in the end the Tigers picked up Hanna Zavecz and Louella Tomlinson  who became a formidable team once Louella was able to return from Europe.

The ladies also had to spread their players between YCW, Gems and Opals camp duties which meant some players were unavailable at times.

The Men saw Bo Liu come and go and come and go, Tom Wilson was a star pickup and then Serbia came calling, Daryl Corletto had to wait for injury to clear and the Tigers had an injury list that at one stage almost numbered the same as the Tigers on the court and the team at one stage only had two on the bench.

So you can see that 7 wins was a fantastic result when things threatened to give returns of much less.

Tom Wilson was made Australian Youth Player of the Year at the SEABL Awards and Monique Conti made the All-SEABL Second Team whilst Hanna Zavecz, Louella Tomlinson, Ari Stewart, Dane Pinaeu, Daryl Corletto and Tom Wilson all made SEABL’s Team of the Week.

It will be interesting to see how many of the 2017 lineup will stay in 2018, confidence is growing by the month and there is no reason why the Tigers cannot grab 10+ wins next year based on the current upwards trend.

It is always sad when it is the off season, not much to do except think of what to write next year, watch some Sydney Kings games on TV and save money for 2018 Tigers membership.

Can’t wait until we get news like the 2018 fixture, the first signings or re-signings, the first practice matches and then Round 1.

Go Tigers!

Number 5 is Alive!

It has now been two weekends in a row that the Tigers have had maximum success in SEABL and it is a wonderful feeling to see people happy that the Tigers have treated fans to new success.

The Men’s playing record of 2016 has been well and truly shattered this year and the Women have had a great debut season with five wins so far, a testament to the Tigers ability to compensate for late player departures and also the shrewd choice to back Tigers players who joined the SEABL team from either from the SCW (2016) and YCW (2016 & 2017) ranks.

This weekend the Men take on our old NBL pals the Geelong Supercats on their home turf, last year the Supercats had a sizable home win in a very high scoring match and earlier this year they were lucky to leave MSAC with a win.

The Tigers can beat any team, anywhere if they make the most of their shots and don’t allow the opposition to get a run in any stretch of time.

On a personal note, Tigers membership came in the mail today and the club included a letter of apology for the lateness and added two shirts and maybe a cap to the order, it was an unexpected but well appreciated gesture and it shows that the club cares for its members and supporters.

So fans who were on the fence this year should get a membership next year with confidence the team will look after you in all matters.

Looking forward to Saturday nights game, may us fans be blessed with it being streamed.

The treasured articles

Aussie Hoopla published a story on the Melbourne Tigers (read the story here) and it is exactly what the Tigers needed.

It talks about the possibility of the Tigers making it back to the NBL but the most important part of the piece was that it talked about the Tigers efforts in SEABL which is good for the Tigers because a reader who doesn’t know about the SEABL team might now become very interested.

Getting newspapers interested in the Melbourne Tigers doesn’t seem to be easy, most if not all SEABL teams get their news reported on by newspapers that are not capital city based but the Tigers being in Melbourne have to get their sports news printed by the big two The Herald Sun and The Age.

Many would think being in the city is an advantage, city papers are read by hundreds of thousands more people than what a local newspaper gets but it is of no advantage if they rarely write about you.

The Tigers do have their own website and club news is printed often particularly previews and recaps of SEABL, YCM and YCW matches and they are usually read 100+ times per piece.

The Tigers are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and are steadily growing in popularity by the week.

Back to the Aussie Hoopla piece, The journey to the NBL will be complicated, the IP issue has to be dealt with and then you got the complication that the head honcho of the NBL is the same guy who took the Tigers away from the NBL three years ago.

In all seriousness, the future of the Melbourne Tigers is in so many hands, fans have to watch games at MSAC, have to comment on stories and tweet thoughts as many times a week as possible, the team has to provide results on the court and the media has to be really interested in the club.

So at the end of the day, the story published in Aussie Hoopla is something that is treasured and hopefully other publications will make their own pieces of treasure for the club and the road to the NBL gets easier.

Three years on

Three years ago today the news went out that the Tigers NBL team was going to be no more and become Melbourne United.

Despite the sadness that lingers at the loss of our history making NBL club, the original and current Melbourne Tigers are getting better by the year just look at all the Tigers teams below.

Men’s SEABL team
Women’s SEABL team
YCM team
YCW team
Junior teams

Memberships come with goodies and they are nicely priced and so is merchandise plus most Tigers home games at MSAC (and the ones at Oakleigh too) are double headers or more so fans get to see plenty of Basketball at a very low price

There is entertainment between the breaks and you may even see a legend or two watching the game with you too.

The club’s Facebook page is 31 likes away from 1,500 likes and the club has Twitter and Instagram accounts too to keep fans updated on all the action.

So if any fellow Tigers fans out there who are reading this message and haven’t joined the club, come on home to the Tigers.


For every good weekend or two there is a bad weekend or two and last weekend was a bad one.

The Tigers were taught a lesson by both the Tornadoes and the Thunder and while it was disappointing to watch the live stats become lopsided in the oppositions favour, the results must be consigned to the history books and forgotten so everyone promptly looks forward to the next challenge.

That challenge comes this Saturday from 5:30pm at MSAC as the Women’s team take on the Ballarat Rush, it is 6th vs. 7th and the Tigers previously beat the Rush at the Minerdome and want to deliver the same result at home.

The Men take on the Miners at 7:30pm, The Miners are 5-3 this year and would no doubt be favourites in the eyes of many pundits but the Tigers do have the players to win, all they need is smart play and accuracy to get there.

Tigers fans should get on down to MSAC and give the sides some cheer, meet fellow Tigers fans and have an enjoyable evening at a very low price, the club is on the way up and it will get there much faster once more people attend and snap up all the Tigers goodies and more.

The next day the Men’s side got Frankston in Frankston, this match is very important because a win will give the side a cushion from the bottom of the pack where Frankston currently sits two wins behind the Tigers.

Frankston will have a two day gap between games whilst the Tigers will have about 20 hours so hopefully the Tigers will have good sleep and full of energy and motivation.

So if anyone can get on down to Frankston, they should do so and cheer the team on in Frankston’s not too bad looking facilities or watch the live stream that the Blues offer.

All in all, we hope the Tigers get out of their valley this weekend.

Thoughts after four games

The Mens SEABL team is 2-2 thanks to the 1 point win over NW Tasmania last night, this result is a wonderful beginning and the 2-2 start will no doubt have fans interested in turning up for the next home game which is against the Geelong Supercats.

Ari Stewart’s hot start against NW Tasmania kept the Tigers in the game when NW Tasmania could of easily ran away with it.

Tigers fans will be hoping will keep Tom Wilson plying his trade with the Tigers for the rest of the season because he has been a revelation for the Tigers and is popular with the fans.

Sam Sykes struggled in the Tigers first two games which led fans to wonder why he was selected in the team but he found his way to the basket in both Tasmanian games and this could be the start of him showing something special from the bench.

Nate Tomlinson has been considered either a great addition to the team in the eyes of fans or a very bad one mostly because he wore #6 in the team that is the Tigers rebellious son and the fact he played for them and was also considered to be a lower rung choice for that side.

Nate’s value has already been demonstrated as he scored 12 points in last night’s win but he also had 9 assists, five more than the next player on either team (Tom Wilson had 4).

Jimmy Todd currently averages a handy 7 points per game as well as 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Xinkai Wang has been a good addition to the team as he picked up six points and two assists last night and eight points and two rebounds the previous night.

The biggest problem for the team is that they are being out rebounded by the opposition, this was also a problem last season and fans are hoping this issue is fixed in the near future.

Women’s SEABL Team

Round 2 (our Round 1) could be easily attributed to nerves though the Tigers shown against Dandenong that they could hold the line when trouble strikes.

Friday and Saturday night shown the Tigers can be a very competitive team and will be winning soon as they made their opposition fight all the way for the win.

The opposition were lucky that they had one ex-Tiger each that were their match winners, the way they got those Tigers is controversial but it is what it is.

The signing of Hannah Zavecz as a replacement for one of the Bass Straiters was a good move as she can score lots of points and bring the rest of the team into the game which is only good news for the Tigers.

Monique Conti averages 16.33 ppg, Briana Babic averages 10.33 ppg, Peri Kalka averages 8 ppg and Elyse Penaluna averages 6 points per game.

With four Tigers averaging over 10 ppg (Kate Gaze, Monique Conti, Briana Babic and Hannah Zavecz) and others averaging 5 or more, the side is more than capable of putting up a winning score.

The team goes to Ballarat after Easter in which promises to be an interesting game in terms of team development.

Tigers Roundup (15/3/17)

Last weekend saw the SEABL Mens, YCM and YCW teams in action for the first time this year.

The SEABL Mens team went to Bendigo to play the Bendigo Braves and the Albury-Wodonga Bandits in practice matches, the Tigers lost both games but it was time well spent with new players and development players getting valuable time on court.

The Tigers YCW team met Bulleen in a rematch of the 2016 Grand Final to kick off Round 1 of the YCW season and the result was a win to the Tigers just like last year.

The Tigers YCM team met 2016 Preliminary Finalists Eltham and whilst Eltham gave the Tigers a scare in the last quarter, the Tigers came away with the win to start their premiership defense on the right note.

Tigers Fans will be delighted to know that memberships are now available to buy from the Tigers website, the memberships appears to allow PayPal payment so could entice those who use it to sign up.

We’ll be back with a new Tigers Roundup soon.