Simmons son just like his father and potentially even better.

Melbourne Tigers legend David (Dave) Simmons son Ben Simmons is Louisiana State University’s newest signing and he has gotten the University all excited over his playing ability with one commenting that Simmon’s signing is the best since a guy named Shaquille O’Neal signed up at LSU.

Ben Simmonds is a 206cm tall left hander and has highlight reels galore with one example being in this article but the best news is that the name is LSU’s team is the Tigers and Ben Simmons is a Boomer as well so he will be seen with the likes of Exum and Bogut well into the future which will no doubt excite those whole follow the Australian team.

Melbourne Tigers fans hope that Ben Simmons will come back to Australia after a decade in the USA and guest in the NBL joining the team that his father is considered so much a legend of that his number 25 jersey hangs high beside Ray Gordon, Warrick Giddey, Andrew Gaze, Lanard Copeland and Mark Bradkte’s retired jerseys.


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