What is in a name?

By now most of the NBL fans are aware that Wollongong Hawks are now back to the Illawarra Hawks, the question WANMU are wondering is why?

The NBL is now geared towards business and is now lead by the man who removed the Melboune Tigers name and history because he considered the Tigers history to be selfish by not including the rest of Melbourne’s ex teams, it should be noted that Larry Kestelman now owns majority of the league with his workers working at NBL HQ as well as owning a slice of Melbourne United which is a conflict of interest although nobody is speaking about it.

If the Melboure Tigers name was considered selfish of Tigers fans then is the people of Wollongong considered selfish for having the Hawks?

Would Perth have to become the WA Wildcats or Adelaide the SA 36er’s or perhaps the Sydney Kings become the New South Wales Kings because the NBL (some say KBL as in Kestelman Basketball League) want a wider area of people to become fans of the team?

It’s nice the Illawarra area got their team back but the reasons of the area getting their team back has a smell just like the one that came from United when that team came to Melbourne and it is a smell that hasn’t completely gone away.


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