Tigers fans working together for success

Last night the Tigers fans petition calling on Melbourne United to release the Tigers intellectual property was stuck on 15 signatures and so this writer decided to discuss the situation with then ask good friend Michelle Sallyman to invite some of her friends to sign and see what happened from it.

The response from friends was terrific, Michelle explained to her friends why the Tigers are important and left the decision in their hands and most if not all of the five friends she was chatting to signed, while that was going on this writer asked some of my friends who knew of my passion for the Tigers if they would sign and they happily agreed.

This morning, Tigers fan Chris Pimm decided to spread the word around and his efforts attracted instant results after a bold move to post on a Richmond Tigers page and so by the time of this blog entry the total stands at 36 signatures.

The important lesson that was learned today is that there is no shame in messaging a friend asking them to sign, if they know you and know how passionate you are about the Tigers then it is likely they’ll help you out and in turn helps everyone else out so don’t be afraid to show your rebel side, your passionate side and your hope your friends are supportive friends side.

For newcomers the link is https://www.change.org/p/larry-kestelman-vince-crivelli-michael-slepoy-larry-kestelman-release-the-tigers-intellectual-property every signature generates a message to Melbourne United.

Meanwhile 7,009 people (NBL.com.au said it was impressive) went to a top level curtained off (spotted by Brett Be) Hisense Arena to see Melbourne United win a game against Illawarra (almost called them Wollongong), the highlight for Tigers fans was a Tigers jersey wearing patron winning a car, thanks to Kathy Meeson for pointing it out.

It’s great to see a Tigers jersey in a crowd!



2 thoughts on “Tigers fans working together for success

  1. Sucks not seeing the Tigers in the comp, was shocked when they changed the name. Unfortunately for Tigers fans, the name change worked. Their membership and crowd figures went through the roof! As a traditionalist I want to see Tigers and Magic back in the comp

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    • It’s easy for crowds to go through the roof when they play in bigger places and have a massive advertising budget and all the rest like culture change and the rest, We always wonder what would of happened if Larry Kestelman threw the same resources with the Tigers?

      We can’t knock down United but we can raise an alternative to United, it’s up to the people to do something about it though because demand leads to supply so if people keep pushing there’s a better chance than waiting for something to come.

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