A ring of history?

In 1989, Andrew Gaze joined Seton Hall University and the team went on to record a 31-7 record which taken them all the way to the NCAA title game.

Seton Hall narrowly lost in overtime to Michigan but the year was filled with highlights for Andrew Gaze particularly the Final Four game against Duke when in 15 minutes Gaze hit some of his trademark threes and put massive defensive pressure on Duke University.

The other day we were watching on YouTube the Seton Hall vs Duke game and whilst looking up more information a ring was found on sale and this ring is Seton Hall ring from 1989 and it has ‘Gaze’ on the side.

Is it just a sample? a replica? or is it the real deal being put on offer for $1,350 which is pretty cheap considering whose it is.

Whilst we try figure out what this is, enjoy the video of the 1989 Final Four match between Seton Hall and Duke, skip to the 55 minute mark to see Andrew Gaze turn the game in Seton Hall’s favor.


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