WAMTF breaks 2014 record

It is with delight to say that over the weekend this blog has beaten it’s 2014 total of hits.

Last year we received 2,084 hits and when all crunched down comes to 5.7 hits per day and now this year we’ve received 2,087 hits and that could increase by a dozen or so before the year is out.

What a year we’ve had, we were going from trying to keep up with Melbourne United in the minds of Basketball fans to believing we can do so much without United to looking at entering SEABL to finally being in SEABL.

Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers is a great Tigers fan community and we hope it grows over the next year as we look at the Tigers from Past, Present and Future.

Melbourne Tigers Basketball Facebook page has 280 likes as we write this and there is no doubt it is going to grow, fans who just want to know what the Tigers are doing should like this page for they’ll always be in the know.

Next year will be very exciting, the Men’s senior team is in SEABL, the Juniors will be in VJBL and the Ladies as well as youth teams are in BigV until a SEABL team can be setup for the Ladies.

There is so much for Tigers fans to learn over the next couple of months, there is opposition to know about, signings to speculate about and then greet, memberships to save for, memberships to purchase and much more.

2016 is the year the Melbourne Tigers are back in big time business, we’re ready and we hope you are too.

Go Tigers!


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