Tigers Roundup (March 17)

681 Tigers fans like the Melbourne Tigers Facebook page, the numbers are steadily climbing and it is hoped the Tigers make it into four figures not too far into the future.

The Tigers have appeared in the Port Phillip Leader, it is on Page 5 of the March 15 edition for those who want a physical copy of the article or click on the link and upon loading select on the right hand side Page 5.

There is 15 days to go until the SEABL season starts, the Tigers are being fine tuned to be ready for the opener against old NBL rivals the Nunawading Spectres on April 1, April 2 is when the Tigers play their first home game at MSAC.

The Ladies teams in the BigV have also been preparing for their season whilst the juniors have played impressively right across the board in recent weeks, Tigers fans are proud of the way they play and conduct themselves on court.

Memberships are still available to buy from the Tigers website and apparel can also be brought online as well, purchases of one or either really helps out the club so purchase if you have the money to spare.

The Melbourne Tigers Historical Page is now stacked with videos from the 1994, 1995 and 1998 seasons, they can be watched anytime from here, each video does run for no less than 54 minutes and so with ten videos that’s a lot of Tigers action.

That is the Tigers Roundup for this edition, until next time Go Tigers!


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