The whirlwind of April 2

Saturday was one of the craziest days in Tigers fans memories since the day Larry Kestelman broke so many hearts by removing the Tigers name and keeping everything else in the NBL.

Fans were shocked when Andrew Gaze was announced as the coach of the Sydney Kings, some felt angry that after building up the Tigers over the last few months he’d go to the NBL but then came the idea that the Tigers ambitious NBL plans would go hand in hand with Andrew’s Kings reign for he would have experience ready for Tigers NBL re-entrance.

There was further good news as Andrew pledged to stick with the Tigers and would be working with the Tigers when the Kings were not doing their season and that got fans thinking that perhaps the Sydney Kings players will find off season employment at the Tigers as the SEABL and NBL seasons are not running at once.

Finally it was game time, the SEABL team took to the court and it was a monster battle against the Canberra Gunners (almost wrote Cannons) in front of a large crowd of Tigers fans getting to see their heroes at home in SEABL competition for the first time since 1983.

Andy Maher, Brian Goorjian and James Tomkins were some of the well known faces in the crowd, also in attendance were many fans who spent over 500 days fighting for the Tigers to get towards the NBL and it is hoped that those who attended last night will keep seeing the Tigers at MSAC and on the road.

In the end, the Tigers held on to win 70-68 and the day that started to crazily came to a satisfying conclusion.

Today the Tigers SCW team are taking on Whittlesea and at this time of writing they hold a 16 to 14 lead, we wish the Ladies the best today.

Go Tigers!


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