Relief at last

The Tigers broke a nine game losing streak when they defeated the Mt. Gambier Pioneers in Oakleigh on Saturday night.

Fans across the nation were elated and even today they are still happy that the Tigers got their second win of the season, a Tigers win has brought confidence into the hearts and minds of fans.

There has been a change at the Tigers in recent weeks, turnovers are down on previous weeks, scoring is up, Bo isn’t fouling in a hurry which is good news and more players are doing the things that count.

Could the signing of Ari Stewart be the catalyst for a strong second half of the season? Those who were lucky enough to be in Oakleigh sensed something special when he and Rhys Carter got together and scored 49 points between them.

Rhys Carter had 10 assists on Saturday night, could this be the beginning of an era where he feeds the scorers and score points instead of doing the bulk of the scoring himself?

Don’t forget Daryl Corletto is coming home soon and he will add another dimension to the Tigers line-up, this Tigers team can cause the SEABL competition trouble in the late going just ask the Pioneers.

These are exciting times Tigers fans, make sure you get to the next Tigers home game or go to an away game if there is one near you.

Go Tigers!


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