Fans flock to story on Jock

For a handful of games this year, Tigers fans got to see big Jock Perry in action before he jetted off to the United States to play College Basketball.

Tigers fans dearly wished he could of stayed with the Tigers for the entire SEABL season as the Tigers were exposed for height after his departure and there’s now a big desire for a Jock Perry like player for season 2017, His impact in his matches was such that he was in SEABL’s Top 10 for Rebounds with an average of nearly nine rebounds per game.

Now he is at SMC in the US and will soon be watched by the NBA scouts which is a feat that has gotten the attention of Channel Nine and Basketball fans as the news service filed a story on him before Jock left Australia.

Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers post on the story has been seen by over 6,000 people and it continues to rise.

St Mary’s knows all about Australian Basketball as the St Mary’s Gaels blog has reported on former SMC players in SEABL as well as stories on Kate Gaze and others such as former NBL Tigers Patty Mills, Lucas Walker and Daniel Kickert.

SEABL players who have been to SMC include Garrett Jackson, Ben Allen, Desmond Simmons, Rob Jones (former Tigers SEABL player) and Lucas Walker.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Jock fares in his first season at SMC for sure.


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