2022 Season Over

August 22 2022

So the NBL1 season is over, and it was not a season to remember for the Melbourne Tigers.

The Men had bad luck, a couple of shots didn’t go through the hoop and the opposition stole games away from them by getting a late run in, the season could have easily ended with the win total in double figures instead of having just five wins.

The Women were up against it from the start as they were a mostly young team and the more experienced Tigers were College bound so their participation was limited but the only way to gain experience is by playing and by the time 2023 comes around, they are going be improved players.

One thing that has to be fixed is the players being spread between BigV and NBL1, the spread while it helps with development also flattens the players and if there is a player crunch, players may not bounce back on Sunday afternoon after playing games on Saturday night.

Next year will see the Tigers get away from the bottom of the table so don’t lose faith in the club, it sounds like they got a plan in motion for everything to improve.


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