The Age Sport wrongly targets Andrew Gaze

When Andrew Gaze was interviewed by Fox Sports today, he wouldn’t of expected The Age to post on Twitter that he questioned Melbourne United’s sportsmanship with the Age Sport saying ‘Andrew Gaze joins chorus questioning Melbourne United sportsmanship‘.

The headline on the actual article does little better with the headline stating ‘Andrew Gaze joins chorus questioning Melbourne United’s win over NZ Breakers

Andrew like many others questioned the referee’s decision that enabled Melbourne United to tie the scores before another questionable foul handed the side the win.

Andrew said “It was a shocking, shocking way for a game to end in basketball,” and “What a shemozzle, that is just umpires not understanding the spirit of the game, the way it should be played and that is just an unfortunate mistake, they’ve made a bad mistake.

As you can see Andrew does not mention Melbourne United and is talking about the umpires and the spirit of the game, there is no doubt the controversial headlines will get The Age (Melbourne’s #2 paper) readers but will no doubt gain a reputation for click bait headlines that have no shred of truth to it.

The Age Sport, You’ve been given a foul and it’s a correct one too.


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