Looking in from the outside

Last night, the NBL launched it’s season with the big news that Channel Nine was picking up games along with Foxtel.

This news has basketball fans jumping for joy, enthusiasm that hasn’t been seen in years and yet for many Tigers fans, Dragons fans, Magic fans, Giants fans, Cannons fans, Falcons fans, Blaze fans and all the other teams that been casualties over the years and lost to the NBL are looking on saddened that their team is not part of it all and some wish the league would just die anyway.

The transformation in the NBL has all been because of Larry Kestelman and while the job he has done has been stunning the question that must be asked is why on earth didn’t he throw his weight behind the Tigers when he was their co-owner before the change to United? Tigers fan Peter Disco noted that on his way to work he heard three United radio ads whilst years earlier you wouldn’t hear a Tigers ad.

Was Larry’s majority ownership of the NBL part of a long range plan? Was the first step to take out the Melbourne Tigers name, colours and history and replace it with a we’re for Victoria team to eliminate resistance and the second was to take control of the league to build upon his business interests?

Will Larry put Melbourne United at risk by allowing a second Victorian team in? Which cap will he cling to the most, the co-owner of Melbourne United cap or the NBL majority owner cap? Will he let go of the Tigers to expand the league so he can rake in more cash? There’s no finer team to put in than the Melbourne Tigers.
We’re asking him to risk United, we’re asking him to release the Tigers Intellectual Property and establish a new Tigers with it’s name, history and colours intact and allow them to compete against Melbourne United but WANMU cannot do this alone, we need every fan to support the petition in some way, sign it, share it, get family aboard, all the little things because all the little things is how big things happen and everyone has to decide if they’d take the little time to do them.


Let’s not stop there, C’mon Dragons fans make a petition to enter the league, C’mon Giants fans it’s time to awaken your sleeping Giants and Magic fans it’s time to cast your spells again.

Why? Because now is the time to act while the media is so in love with the NBL, it’s time to be heard so speak up while you still can.