A revisit to Nate Tomlinson’s words

We Are Not United looks back to those days when the announcement was that Melbourne United was coming and the Tigers were going, Nate Tomlinson had a lot to say on Twitter about what happened and Tigers fans were really upset by his words, his first act was to say that people who didn’t go to ‘Tiger’s’ games consistently couldn’t talk about how upset they were and it went on to say things that they were still Tigers players and much more, thankfully for us Nate didn’t delete his words like most sportsmen and sportswomen do when they say something controversial and so all 8 tweets are below for readers to see for themselves in their unedited glory.

It should also be noted that Nate is wearing #6 this year which is the retired number of Tigers great Warrick Giddey, so much for Nate claiming they are ‘still Tigers players’ when he is wearing the number that is supposed to be retired and retired is sports way of saying not to be used again.

TomlinsonNate's hate


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