Tigers Men beat 2017 record

June 16 2018

Last night was a big night as first the Tigers Women notched up their seventh win to equal their 2017 performance.

By now fans will have noticed the Tigers have a scoring trio in Rebecca Cole, Monique Conti and Louella Tomlinson.

Geraldine McCorkell now has an average of 4 points  but can reach double figures as seen in last nights effort of ten points, four rebounds and two assists.

All nine Tigers scored points in the game which will be pleasing for everybody.

After the win it was the Men’s turn to play and they were in trouble as with the team already without DKD the Tigers struggled to find a scoring answer from the starters and were kept in the game thanks to Maxwell Viitala scoring.

The Tigers then came alive in the second half with Tom Wilson and Jimmy Todd able to score more freely to get the Tigers in front at 3QT by five points.

Maxwell Viitala after his good first half popped up again in the fourth to keep the scores coming with Billy Hughes shooting consecutive threes to ensure the Tigers would win by 16 points.

Deng Acouth fouled out with just under four minutes to go after scoring 12 points and 22 rebounds and he apparently he threw a chair after coming off the court but there was no tech foul or ejection to suggest it was a big moment.

All Tigers played their part in the game and if they continue to spread the contributions around instead of relying on one or two sources the league will find themselves facing a formidable team.

One spectator did report that a Chargers fan yelled out to Deng to go back to his own country, a comment that was not supported by Chargers fans, the team and stadium officials.

So the first half of the Tigers visit to Tasmania has been a complete success, hopefully tonight will be the same but the bookies aren’t confident giving both Tigers sides $2.10 odds.

We’ll see what tonight brings.


Thoughts on the Tigers

May 23 2018

The start of the season was rough for the Tigers, the Men lost three in a row including losing to Kilsyth by over 50 points in a game that was horrible to watch.

But despite that massive loss there was a feeling that things were going to turn around and they sure did, six wins in a row puts the Tigers in 6th position on the ladder with a 6-3 record.

The Women are also doing well at 5-4, they have had a good season so far and have been competitive in all their games with most losses being under 10 points.

The 5-4 record also puts the Tigers in sixth position and it is nice to see the Tigers in a finals position anytime during the season.

Both teams have players that are considered stars but both sides also have players who can easily pop up and score 10 or so points and collect multiple rebounds and assists making it tougher for opposition teams to control the game.

One example is Billy Hughes, he came off the bench against Diamond Valley and got 20+ points and he also bagged some handy points against Frankston.

Pick and Roll predicted that the Tigers Men would only score four wins for the season, it is pleasing to say the current 6-3 record has blown that prediction to kingdom come no matter how the rest of the year plays out.

Can one or both sides make the finals? Yes they can and that is because we have two teams enjoying stability and they are working towards success.

It won’t be easy because competition for the Top 8 spots is fierce at the moment but if the team continues to be stable and work together, things can happen.

These are good times Tigers fans, we are seeing games being won, we are seeing people attend matches and we are seeing new merchandise too!

Saturday night from 5pm is Tigers vs Sandringham in Sandringham, it is going to be another good two games, next home games is on June 2 from 5:30pm so if you are thinking about seeing a Tigers game then is a good time to go Oakleigh Rec Centre.

News, News, News, Everyone wants some

September 13 2017

NBA Playgrounds has been a fun game for 26 dollars on the Nintendo Switch, picked Ben Simmons as one of my two players and have won all the tournaments on offer for single player.

But it is time to put the controller down as there is some Tigers news.

Hanna Zavecz has become a Spectre which is interesting but people do change clubs and at least the Tigers got lots of notice unlike a situation earlier this year when two players left on the eve of Round 1.

So that means there be at least 1 change to the Women’s team for 2018, hopefully the Tigers Women’s 7 wins this year has made joining the club an enticing prospect for those looking for a new home or basketball challenge.

Diamond Valley are coming to SEABL in 2018 and it will be interesting to see how they go and if we can beat them and march up the ladder.

Pretty sure SEABL has scrapped the conference system and have gone with a AFL like ladder for 2018 so it will be interesting to see where the Tigers end up next year with all sides on the one ladder and not two.

News is always good, kills the boredom and makes season 2018 not seem so far away.

Tigers Ball

Early this year whilst poking through Gamemaker, there was a basketball game that got our attention.

It was a basic drag back a basketball with the mouse, release and hope to get it in the hoop.

So we attempted to make our own and it got good for awhile but it seemed to run into problems, you could score if the ball went the other way and it seems to lag though it could be because of monitor.

The game had a countdown clock, a scoreboard and a high score board that could be wiped.

Maybe the problem will be solved one day and people could play a proper game of Tigers Ball.

We’ll see.

Tigers Ball

Thoughts after four games

The Mens SEABL team is 2-2 thanks to the 1 point win over NW Tasmania last night, this result is a wonderful beginning and the 2-2 start will no doubt have fans interested in turning up for the next home game which is against the Geelong Supercats.

Ari Stewart’s hot start against NW Tasmania kept the Tigers in the game when NW Tasmania could of easily ran away with it.

Tigers fans will be hoping will keep Tom Wilson plying his trade with the Tigers for the rest of the season because he has been a revelation for the Tigers and is popular with the fans.

Sam Sykes struggled in the Tigers first two games which led fans to wonder why he was selected in the team but he found his way to the basket in both Tasmanian games and this could be the start of him showing something special from the bench.

Nate Tomlinson has been considered either a great addition to the team in the eyes of fans or a very bad one mostly because he wore #6 in the team that is the Tigers rebellious son and the fact he played for them and was also considered to be a lower rung choice for that side.

Nate’s value has already been demonstrated as he scored 12 points in last night’s win but he also had 9 assists, five more than the next player on either team (Tom Wilson had 4).

Jimmy Todd currently averages a handy 7 points per game as well as 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Xinkai Wang has been a good addition to the team as he picked up six points and two assists last night and eight points and two rebounds the previous night.

The biggest problem for the team is that they are being out rebounded by the opposition, this was also a problem last season and fans are hoping this issue is fixed in the near future.

Women’s SEABL Team

Round 2 (our Round 1) could be easily attributed to nerves though the Tigers shown against Dandenong that they could hold the line when trouble strikes.

Friday and Saturday night shown the Tigers can be a very competitive team and will be winning soon as they made their opposition fight all the way for the win.

The opposition were lucky that they had one ex-Tiger each that were their match winners, the way they got those Tigers is controversial but it is what it is.

The signing of Hannah Zavecz as a replacement for one of the Bass Straiters was a good move as she can score lots of points and bring the rest of the team into the game which is only good news for the Tigers.

Monique Conti averages 16.33 ppg, Briana Babic averages 10.33 ppg, Peri Kalka averages 8 ppg and Elyse Penaluna averages 6 points per game.

With four Tigers averaging over 10 ppg (Kate Gaze, Monique Conti, Briana Babic and Hannah Zavecz) and others averaging 5 or more, the side is more than capable of putting up a winning score.

The team goes to Ballarat after Easter in which promises to be an interesting game in terms of team development.

Tigers Roundup (1/3/17)

One month to go until the Tigers play their first game in SEABL competition for 2017.

There is very little to report at this stage, of course we know of two signings for the Womens SEABL team but that leaves a stack of signing news to come from both the Mens and Womens team and membership details are still unannounced at this time.

We can only assume that news will come thick and fast like news coming from the Indy 500 bump day where drivers pass each other regularly to get into the 500.

Then of course when the SEABL season gets underway news will be coming like cars changing positions in the Daytona 500 and fans can expect great reports when it comes to results and more.

Sit tight fellow Tigers fans, there is no doubt the long wait for news will be worth it.

Fans still hope for resolution

For a couple of years after the Tigers were pushed aside for Melbourne United, Tigers fans fought hard to be heard on a number of important issues.

The first issue is Intellectual Property, United has all the professional titles from NBL Titles to Retired Jerseys and Tigers fans want them all to come home to MSAC where everything brought home would be revered and also be a platform for a professional return sometime in the future.

The second issue is Melbourne United’s use of retired Jerseys, The problem is that Melbourne United is a continuation of the Melbourne Tigers on the NBL side but they pick what part of the Tigers they like.

This is evident that the Tigers four titles are hanging on the wall of United’s home court and nearby are the six retired Tigers jerseys however three of the numbers are on the court because United decided that whilst they honour the Tigers choices it does not extend to them.

Tigers fans want Melbourne United to honour the jerseys by not using any of the numbers retired by the Tigers, so far #6, #8 and #21 are currently being used with #10, #25 and #50 currently untouched.

Fans are still hopeful that Melbourne United will work on a solution that would please all fans of the sport of Basketball, if any reader would like to sign either of the petitions mentioned they can do so in the links below.

Melbourne Tigers IP Petition
Retired Jerseys Petition

Tigers Roundup (19/1/17)

We are now officially in the time period where the quietness between post season and pre-season has ended and Tigers scribes are now busy writing up news and information.

First off several Tigers players and coaches have had success playing for Victorian teams and that is a wonderful thing for them and the state.

Jack Purchase is having a great time playing ball in Hawaii with his ppg average now back to getting settled into double figures, you can see all of Jack’s stats here including his 25 point effort against Long Beach State.

If you are interested in seeing video of Daryl and Rhys in action for Plymouth then look no further than below for the video is the latest from the Raiders and Tigers fans will definitely love the start.

The big news regarding the Tigers is that Olympia Athletics have been signed up to look after the clubs high performance program and this will mean the Tigers will have a very fit and healthy team by the time the SEABL season starts on April 1.

So that is the latest from around the internet and we’ll be back with a new roundup soon.

SEABL 2017 Schedule Released

There was good news for Melbourne Tigers fans today as the schedule for the 2017 SEABL season was released for everyone to look at.

The Tigers have to wait until Round 2 to play but the good news is that the season will open with a double header as the SEABL Womens team debut against the Geelong Supercats and the Mens team take on Sandringham at MSAC.

The action starts on April 1 from 5:30pm so make sure Tigers fans you have that date memorised and make your way down to MSAC to watch not only the team start their season but also watch the debut of the Womens team in this exciting era for the Tigers.

The Tigers will be playing 12 home games this year with some of the games being played at Oakleigh due to MSAC being unavailable so there is plenty of opportunity to see the Tigers in their natural habitat and to also be among friends.

To view the season fixture, please click on the link below

Tigers Roundup

Yay for 2017

2017 is here at last and now we can look forward to all the goodness that the year will provide.

Tigers fans will get to see not only the SEABL Men but also get to see the SEABL Women in action this year and that means more great basketball every week of the SEABL season.

The Mens side have now had one full season in competition and will be looking to improve in their second season of this new era of playing in SEABL.

The Womens team will no doubt be in it to make an impact from day one and it will be great to see them in action.

Don’t forget that the YCM and YCW teams will be defending their titles this year and after the excitement both teams provided last year expect more Tigers fans to be watching their progress.

The Juniors are also playing and they are playing well and we hope they also have great success in 2017.

No doubt that the coming months will see plenty of announcements as there will be re-signings, signings and most importantly for fans Membership details.

Ain’t it great it is 2017?