Tigers Roundup (19/1/17)

We are now officially in the time period where the quietness between post season and pre-season has ended and Tigers scribes are now busy writing up news and information.

First off several Tigers players and coaches have had success playing for Victorian teams and that is a wonderful thing for them and the state.

Jack Purchase is having a great time playing ball in Hawaii with his ppg average now back to getting settled into double figures, you can see all of Jack’s stats here¬†including his 25 point effort against Long Beach State.

If you are interested in seeing video of Daryl and Rhys in action for Plymouth then look no further than below for the video is the latest from the Raiders and Tigers fans will definitely love the start.

The big news regarding the Tigers is that Olympia Athletics have been signed up to look after the clubs high performance program and this will mean the Tigers will have a very fit and healthy team by the time the SEABL season starts on April 1.

So that is the latest from around the internet and we’ll be back with a new roundup soon.


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