Fans still hope for resolution

For a couple of years after the Tigers were pushed aside for Melbourne United, Tigers fans fought hard to be heard on a number of important issues.

The first issue is Intellectual Property, United has all the professional titles from NBL Titles to Retired Jerseys and Tigers fans want them all to come home to MSAC where everything brought home would be revered and also be a platform for a professional return sometime in the future.

The second issue is Melbourne United’s use of retired Jerseys, The problem is that Melbourne United is a continuation of the Melbourne Tigers on the NBL side but they pick what part of the Tigers they like.

This is evident that the Tigers four titles are hanging on the wall of United’s home court and nearby are the six retired Tigers jerseys however three of the numbers are on the court because United decided that whilst they honour the Tigers choices it does not extend to them.

Tigers fans want Melbourne United to honour the jerseys by not using any of the numbers retired by the Tigers, so far #6, #8 and #21 are currently being used with #10, #25 and #50 currently untouched.

Fans are still hopeful that Melbourne United will work on a solution that would please all fans of the sport of Basketball, if any reader would like to sign either of the petitions mentioned they can do so in the links below.

Melbourne Tigers IP Petition
Retired Jerseys Petition


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