Tigers Roundup (19/1/17)

We are now officially in the time period where the quietness between post season and pre-season has ended and Tigers scribes are now busy writing up news and information.

First off several Tigers players and coaches have had success playing for Victorian teams and that is a wonderful thing for them and the state.

Jack Purchase is having a great time playing ball in Hawaii with his ppg average now back to getting settled into double figures, you can see all of Jack’s stats here including his 25 point effort against Long Beach State.

If you are interested in seeing video of Daryl and Rhys in action for Plymouth then look no further than below for the video is the latest from the Raiders and Tigers fans will definitely love the start.

The big news regarding the Tigers is that Olympia Athletics have been signed up to look after the clubs high performance program and this will mean the Tigers will have a very fit and healthy team by the time the SEABL season starts on April 1.

So that is the latest from around the internet and we’ll be back with a new roundup soon.


SEABL 2017 Schedule Released

There was good news for Melbourne Tigers fans today as the schedule for the 2017 SEABL season was released for everyone to look at.

The Tigers have to wait until Round 2 to play but the good news is that the season will open with a double header as the SEABL Womens team debut against the Geelong Supercats and the Mens team take on Sandringham at MSAC.

The action starts on April 1 from 5:30pm so make sure Tigers fans you have that date memorised and make your way down to MSAC to watch not only the team start their season but also watch the debut of the Womens team in this exciting era for the Tigers.

The Tigers will be playing 12 home games this year with some of the games being played at Oakleigh due to MSAC being unavailable so there is plenty of opportunity to see the Tigers in their natural habitat and to also be among friends.

To view the season fixture, please click on the link below

Tigers Roundup

Yay for 2017

2017 is here at last and now we can look forward to all the goodness that the year will provide.

Tigers fans will get to see not only the SEABL Men but also get to see the SEABL Women in action this year and that means more great basketball every week of the SEABL season.

The Mens side have now had one full season in competition and will be looking to improve in their second season of this new era of playing in SEABL.

The Womens team will no doubt be in it to make an impact from day one and it will be great to see them in action.

Don’t forget that the YCM and YCW teams will be defending their titles this year and after the excitement both teams provided last year expect more Tigers fans to be watching their progress.

The Juniors are also playing and they are playing well and we hope they also have great success in 2017.

No doubt that the coming months will see plenty of announcements as there will be re-signings, signings and most importantly for fans Membership details.

Ain’t it great it is 2017?

The crazy week

One week ago, the Melbourne Tigers fundraiser was in its last hours and fans were rejoicing that the team reached its goal of raising $100,000 and then passed it’s bonus goal of $120,000.

The team managed to raise $125,450 in 24hrs and that amount will do so much good for the Tigers as the SEABL teams prepare for 2017 as well as giving the juniors the best possible equipment for them to play with.

The $125,450 came from a variety of people and businesses showing that the Tigers have supporters from pretty much everywhere for example a former AFL boss, the Champions League Basketball organisation, Former Tigers players, current Tigers players, parents of players, decades long fans, Tigers broadcasters and more.

We saw lots of Andrew Gaze stories over the last week as he brought his Sydney Kings down to Melbourne, the fact he was coaching against Melbourne United was a big selling point for the NBL though Andrew was quick to speak of the differences between Melbourne United and the Melbourne Tigers in several articles including his column in the Daily Telegraph.

Andrew and his Kings came away with the win and Bo Liu got time on the court and while he only gets a minute or two when the game is secure or is a certain loss, it is valuable experience for the Tiger and it will be a win for the Tigers in 2017.

It should be noted that the now famous Kings celebration now features Bo as an enthusiastic Locker banger and singer and it will be interesting to see what the Tigers come up with in 2017.

Lanard Copeland was also in the news as he was appointed coach of the Sunbury Jets for the 2017 Big V season, Lanard’s appointment is a good decision by Sunbury as he has had success with the Broncos and is currently assisting the Sydney Kings.

Tigers fans discovered a very amusing Wikipedia entry on Ray Gordon with the piece describing his ability to get in the face of the opposition as well as calling the SE Melbourne Magic the C word.

So there we have it Tigers fans, all of that in seven days and we’re still months away from the 2017 SEABL season.

Tigers celebrate successful weekend

Tigers fans were energetic this weekend as the VYCW and VYCM teams played their Grand Finals against Bulleen and Ringwood respectively.

For many Tigers fans this was the first opportunity to see the Tigers play for titles since the 2008/09 NBL season which is a really long time.

Thankfully this weekends action was broadcasted on FalconsTV so Tigers fans near and far got to watch although there was signal loss every couple of minutes which required a refresh of the page.

Both games were filled with highlights, there was great plays and great scoring shots and everyone played their part.

When the Tigers won both titles, fans were rejoicing over social media for as mentioned earlier it’s been a long wait for many and the success of this weekend proves that the Tigers have a solid future ahead.

The Tigers SCW team (or SEABL team if expansion happens) will benefit from the players coming up from VYCW and the SEABL Men’s team will benefit from VYCM and they already have as Billy Hughes who had a good game today has played for the SEABL team over the course of this year.

In all honesty, the off season is a sad time because for two years before this SEABL and Big V season things were very dark times for Tigers fans and then this year with all the action it was as good as the NBL days and now that it’s over for many months it plain sucks.

However the Juniors are still going and we’ll cheer their attempts and then cheer on Andrew Gaze’s Kings as he, Lanard Copeland and Dean Vickerman bring the Tigers experience to Sydney and hopefully success before we start the SEABL fun again.

It’s great to be a Tigers fan!

It’s been tough

The Tigers have had a tough season in SEABL this year but fans are still hopeful that every game they play next is the one when there is a win at the end of the game.

It is easy for a fan to feel despair after watching loss after loss either live, streamed or by reading stats but we the fans have to stick around and give the SEABL boys the best possible support no matter the result.

When the season is over, the Tigers will have gone through an entire SEABL season for the first time since 1983 and the club will then know what they need to do for 2017, SEABL is no small fries competition where dominance is established instantly by a Johnny come lately club and the Tigers knew that right from the start and so the team will improve over time.

The Tigers have Dandenong this coming Sunday afternoon on Dandenong’s turf and they are known for being a good club, Tigers fans around Dandenong should go and check out the game because watching a SEABL game is a great experience and the boys will appreciate the time taken to go see them play.

Even better news for fans is that Dandenong stream their matches and that makes it great for Tigers fans to tune in and watch the game.

Go Tigers!

Mixed Weekend for Tigers

It was a mixed weekend for the Tigers as the YCM and YCW teams had a tough Saturday with both sides losing to Dandenong whilst the SEABL team had one win and a loss as they continue to tune up for next Friday’s season opener against Nunawading.

The SEABL team won 77-75 against the Albury-Wodonga Bandits at MSAC on Saturday in front of many Tigers fans and Tigers royalty, the bad news from the game is that Thomas Chambers sustained a knee injury and we all hope he recovers well from his injury.

The Tigers then travelled to Frankston on Sunday to take on the Frankston Blues and the Blues dominated the first half 48-28 before the Tigers had a better second half before going down 92 to 71 which was a one point increase on the half time margin of 20.

Whilst the final score may concern Tigers fans, several Tigers players were out with injury or personal reasons leading the Tigers to be undermanned against a Blues team with a longer bench.

The good news for the Tigers is that Rhys Carter top scored for the Tigers with a 21 point haul whilst import Rob Jones scored 13 for the Tigers and there were plenty of other good signs throughout the match with some good rebounding and three point shots made.

Fans at the game (or watching the game live on YouTube) noticed that Tigers defensive work may need to be worked on more with Frankston players been given too much space during the game but the fans are also confident things will be sorted by the time April 1 rolls around.

Go Tigers!