Tigers celebrate successful weekend

Tigers fans were energetic this weekend as the VYCW and VYCM teams played their Grand Finals against Bulleen and Ringwood respectively.

For many Tigers fans this was the first opportunity to see the Tigers play for titles since the 2008/09 NBL season which is a really long time.

Thankfully this weekends action was broadcasted on FalconsTV so Tigers fans near and far got to watch although there was signal loss every couple of minutes which required a refresh of the page.

Both games were filled with highlights, there was great plays and great scoring shots and everyone played their part.

When the Tigers won both titles, fans were rejoicing over social media for as mentioned earlier it’s been a long wait for many and the success of this weekend proves that the Tigers have a solid future ahead.

The Tigers SCW team (or SEABL team if expansion happens) will benefit from the players coming up from VYCW and the SEABL Men’s team will benefit from VYCM and they already have as Billy Hughes who had a good game today has played for the SEABL team over the course of this year.

In all honesty, the off season is a sad time because for two years before this SEABL and Big V season things were very dark times for Tigers fans and then this year with all the action it was as good as the NBL days and now that it’s over for many months it plain sucks.

However the Juniors are still going and we’ll cheer their attempts and then cheer on Andrew Gaze’s Kings as he, Lanard Copeland and Dean Vickerman bring the Tigers experience to Sydney and hopefully success before we start the SEABL fun again.

It’s great to be a Tigers fan!


Tigers fans answer to Dragons fans comments

Dear Dragons Fans,

We the fans of the Melbourne Tigers thank you for your wonderful post on picknroll.com.au, it had many great points.

Tigers fans love rivalry in the great city of Melbourne, it’s a lot of fun particularly when titles are on the line and NBL history is filled with battles for the city of Melbourne.

After the Victoria Giants in the early 2000’s folded the city was a very lonely place, some may say it started getting lonely back in 1998 when North Melbourne and SE Melbourne merged to become the good yet not so interesting Victoria Titans and then the Victoria Giants (think of once tasty leftovers fried by leaving it in the microwave too long).

It was wonderful when the Dragons came along although at first it did not look like the Dragons could fly let alone breathe fire and then you had to hire our Bogeyman known to the world as Brian Goorjian.

Isn’t it ironic that the man who caused the Tigers so many problems from the 1990’s on was a Tigers player in the 70’s and 80’s, it was a gift to Melbourne basketball that kept on giving and not often to the Tigers.

You won that 2008/09 title fair and square despite Chris Anstey’s efforts to whack your boys senseless and out of the NBL finals, too bad the NBL back in 2009 couldn’t fight it’s way out of a wet paper bag forcing the Dragons to leave and the Tigers to briefly do the same, in hindsight Tigers fans wish it was permanent because Larry Kestelman would never of appeared.

To get back into the NBL, South Dragons have to please Mr Kestelman the man who brought and killed off the Tigers and now is top of the NBL chain, but it may be a problem because the guy didn’t like the Tigers having the city to themselves and so he created Melbourne United to get 100% market share instead of promoting the need for a second team.

Melbourne United, a team that’s supposed to be for you and for us but most of us aren’t interested because they’re selfish, more selfish than the Tigers apparently were in the eyes of Larry Kestelman, how can people support a team that wants the whole city for themselves and takes everyone’s history while blatantly using retired jersey numbers that are hanging above their heads.

We should add that apart from a video pre-game and a paragraph or two in the history section (they can’t even get the link right) there’s nothing concrete that proves Melbourne United is for every fan from all the teams that died or suspended operations.

Even if they are truly for the state, they wear a blue that looks like it is black and their name and logo looks like something from a soccer club and what is on the jersey looks like a sign from a Las Vegas casino.

Tigers fans who don’t want to be with United would love the Dragons to defeat United if the Tigers can’t do it themselves, some say we should move on but why move on when there was nothing wrong with the Tigers and the Dragons and there was still plenty to achieve for both sides in the NBL.

But if it doesn’t work out with the NBL Dragons fans, there is always the BigV because we Tigers fans have teams there and we would gladly take you on in the battle for Victorian dominance, maybe we can take the rivalry to the CLB that’s coming and take on the NBL together, it would be so much fun.

We’re waiting Dragons, come play.