The sun is still up for the Tigers

As the last of the weekdays for the week is drawing to a close, there is a lot to be pleased about Tigers fans.

The Tigers launched their website at and will be expanding it to include a seniors link in the future.

The Tigers also answered our questions and it is pleasing that they are still working towards getting the team back into the big time and talked of the strength the Tigers have particularly in the juniors where hundreds of kids play for the Tigers every season.

They are working hard on giving us the fans the best possible experience, The Tigers may be playing VJBL and BigV competition but those competitions are our home and we should like our family homes make the stay very comfortable until we leave for a bigger home own the track.

Meanwhile our rivals Melbourne United are playing NBL and are not doing too bad a job at it, our attention tonight was focused on our lonely retired jerseys that hang up in a very darkened spot of Hisense Arena, while this is disheartening we should take comfort in the belief that the Tigers will rise again and those jerseys will be more respected on our own turf.

Watching United winning and getting praise and all the rest in the media sometimes is worrying but then we choose to look on the bright side that people are always looking for opportunity to give people an alternative option and we are one of those options and we must keep aiming for the best and keep working to our best because that’s how the best get to be the best.

Thank you to those who pushed so hard to get signatures for our petition, Chris Pimm in particularly has done a wonderful job of bringing in fans and supporters for our effort and we’ve gone from 15 to 65 signatures this week, could we get past 100 by the end of next week? We certainly can.

Lastly, no matter what happens just think of those two words that have carried the Tigers and their fans so far for so long ‘We Believe’.

Go Tigers.


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