Dragons fans p###ed off by HS mistake

You got to admire South Dragons fans, they are very protective of their team who had a very short yet very successful life in the NBL, a life that could just continue in the future if the fans have it their way.

A great demonstration of the Dragons fans defending their history was when the Herald Sun posted about United winning three straight games in a row and mentioned the Melbourne Tigers winning 9 in a row in 2008/09 and going on to win the title but several mistakes were written in that article.

Firstly it says the Tigers won the title in 2008/09 but the South Dragons were the ones who won in 2008/09 defeating the Melbourne Tigers in 5 games.

Secondly the Melbourne Tigers didn’t win 9 straight in 2008/09 and neither did the Dragons, the Melbourne Tigers won those 9 games straight in 2007/08 and won that season’s title.

Finally there’s supposed to be a ‘the’ before Melbourne Tigers in the article, perhaps they were trying to say Melbourne United for ‘the Melbourne United’ doesn’t sound right and remembered the Melbourne Tigers were the team that done it.

Current Hisense Arena occupiers Melbourne United have recorded a dip in attendance with the 7,009 first week total (Sunday) being followed up by a 5,243 attendance which was on a Friday night, a loss of 1,766 attendees or 25.2%.

Moral of the story today is do not anger Dragons fans.

1506754_10153131448065544_3989165279956510805_n Oops


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