The crazy week

One week ago, the Melbourne Tigers fundraiser was in its last hours and fans were rejoicing that the team reached its goal of raising $100,000 and then passed it’s bonus goal of $120,000.

The team managed to raise $125,450 in 24hrs and that amount will do so much good for the Tigers as the SEABL teams prepare for 2017 as well as giving the juniors the best possible equipment for them to play with.

The $125,450 came from a variety of people and businesses showing that the Tigers have supporters from pretty much everywhere for example a former AFL boss, the Champions League Basketball organisation, Former Tigers players, current Tigers players, parents of players, decades long fans, Tigers broadcasters and more.

We saw lots of Andrew Gaze stories over the last week as he brought his Sydney Kings down to Melbourne, the fact he was coaching against Melbourne United was a big selling point for the NBL though Andrew was quick to speak of the differences between Melbourne United and the Melbourne Tigers in several articles including his column in the Daily Telegraph.

Andrew and his Kings came away with the win and Bo Liu got time on the court and while he only gets a minute or two when the game is secure or is a certain loss, it is valuable experience for the Tiger and it will be a win for the Tigers in 2017.

It should be noted that the now famous Kings celebration now features Bo as an enthusiastic Locker banger and singer and it will be interesting to see what the Tigers come up with in 2017.

Lanard Copeland was also in the news as he was appointed coach of the Sunbury Jets for the 2017 Big V season, Lanard’s appointment is a good decision by Sunbury as he has had success with the Broncos and is currently assisting the Sydney Kings.

Tigers fans discovered a very amusing Wikipedia entry on Ray Gordon with the piece describing his ability to get in the face of the opposition as well as calling the SE Melbourne Magic the C word.

So there we have it Tigers fans, all of that in seven days and we’re still months away from the 2017 SEABL season.


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