Yay for 2017

2017 is here at last and now we can look forward to all the goodness that the year will provide.

Tigers fans will get to see not only the SEABL Men but also get to see the SEABL Women in action this year and that means more great basketball every week of the SEABL season.

The Mens side have now had one full season in competition and will be looking to improve in their second season of this new era of playing in SEABL.

The Womens team will no doubt be in it to make an impact from day one and it will be great to see them in action.

Don’t forget that the YCM and YCW teams will be defending their titles this year and after the excitement both teams provided last year expect more Tigers fans to be watching their progress.

The Juniors are also playing and they are playing well and we hope they also have great success in 2017.

No doubt that the coming months will see plenty of announcements as there will be re-signings, signings and most importantly for fans Membership details.

Ain’t it great it is 2017?


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