Tigers Fundraising Campaign

The Melbourne Tigers are hoping to raise $100,000 this Sunday afternoon (November 6).

This $100,000 will help fund the Tigers SEABL teams as well as providing the best possible support for the Juniors who play the great game.

The great lure is that three generous donators will be giving a dollar each for every dollar a person donates, so if you donate $1 the three donors will add three dollars to the total to make it $4 and if you donate say $25 their donations will mean that $100 goes into the team coffers.

Visit charidy.com/melbtigers and register to be alerted when the time to start donating begins and visit the Facebook event page for additional details over the next couple of days.

Fans can also check out and watch the video that features both Andrew and Lindsay Gaze as well as highlights from the Tigers NBL, WNBL, BigV, MUVJBL and SEABL teams over time.


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