Tigers Roundup (8/11/17)

November 8 2017

Good news, we’re more than a week into November.
Bad news, it is still 2017 so its a long way to SEABL ’18.

There’s been some Tigers changes in the last month, the coach lineup has changed,  we’re starting to see players being signed, re-signed, released or signed up by other teams.

So far there are three player re-signings, two player departures, two coach departures and the signing of their replacements.

The Tigers SEABL Men’s team are having tryouts on the 19th of November in Oakleigh and no doubt we’ll find out who the 2018 additions will be soon after that.

Signings and Departures

SEABL Men Re-signings
Jimmy Todd
Ben Dixon
Ryan Oirbans

SEABL Women Out
Hanna Zavecz  (Nunawading)

SEABL Men Out 
Dane Pineau (Kilsyth)

SEABL Coaches In
Nick Abdicevic (SEABL Men)
Mark Alabakov (SEABL Women)

SEABL Coaches Out
Andrew Gaze (Co-coach of the Tigers YCM team)
Zoe Carr (Diamond Valley SEABL Women’s Team)


The treasured articles

Aussie Hoopla published a story on the Melbourne Tigers (read the story here) and it is exactly what the Tigers needed.

It talks about the possibility of the Tigers making it back to the NBL but the most important part of the piece was that it talked about the Tigers efforts in SEABL which is good for the Tigers because a reader who doesn’t know about the SEABL team might now become very interested.

Getting newspapers interested in the Melbourne Tigers doesn’t seem to be easy, most if not all SEABL teams get their news reported on by newspapers that are not capital city based but the Tigers being in Melbourne have to get their sports news printed by the big two The Herald Sun and The Age.

Many would think being in the city is an advantage, city papers are read by hundreds of thousands more people than what a local newspaper gets but it is of no advantage if they rarely write about you.

The Tigers do have their own website and club news is printed often particularly previews and recaps of SEABL, YCM and YCW matches and they are usually read 100+ times per piece.

The Tigers are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and are steadily growing in popularity by the week.

Back to the Aussie Hoopla piece, The journey to the NBL will be complicated, the IP issue has to be dealt with and then you got the complication that the head honcho of the NBL is the same guy who took the Tigers away from the NBL three years ago.

In all seriousness, the future of the Melbourne Tigers is in so many hands, fans have to watch games at MSAC, have to comment on stories and tweet thoughts as many times a week as possible, the team has to provide results on the court and the media has to be really interested in the club.

So at the end of the day, the story published in Aussie Hoopla is something that is treasured and hopefully other publications will make their own pieces of treasure for the club and the road to the NBL gets easier.

Thoughts after four games

The Mens SEABL team is 2-2 thanks to the 1 point win over NW Tasmania last night, this result is a wonderful beginning and the 2-2 start will no doubt have fans interested in turning up for the next home game which is against the Geelong Supercats.

Ari Stewart’s hot start against NW Tasmania kept the Tigers in the game when NW Tasmania could of easily ran away with it.

Tigers fans will be hoping will keep Tom Wilson plying his trade with the Tigers for the rest of the season because he has been a revelation for the Tigers and is popular with the fans.

Sam Sykes struggled in the Tigers first two games which led fans to wonder why he was selected in the team but he found his way to the basket in both Tasmanian games and this could be the start of him showing something special from the bench.

Nate Tomlinson has been considered either a great addition to the team in the eyes of fans or a very bad one mostly because he wore #6 in the team that is the Tigers rebellious son and the fact he played for them and was also considered to be a lower rung choice for that side.

Nate’s value has already been demonstrated as he scored 12 points in last night’s win but he also had 9 assists, five more than the next player on either team (Tom Wilson had 4).

Jimmy Todd currently averages a handy 7 points per game as well as 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists.

Xinkai Wang has been a good addition to the team as he picked up six points and two assists last night and eight points and two rebounds the previous night.

The biggest problem for the team is that they are being out rebounded by the opposition, this was also a problem last season and fans are hoping this issue is fixed in the near future.

Women’s SEABL Team

Round 2 (our Round 1) could be easily attributed to nerves though the Tigers shown against Dandenong that they could hold the line when trouble strikes.

Friday and Saturday night shown the Tigers can be a very competitive team and will be winning soon as they made their opposition fight all the way for the win.

The opposition were lucky that they had one ex-Tiger each that were their match winners, the way they got those Tigers is controversial but it is what it is.

The signing of Hannah Zavecz as a replacement for one of the Bass Straiters was a good move as she can score lots of points and bring the rest of the team into the game which is only good news for the Tigers.

Monique Conti averages 16.33 ppg, Briana Babic averages 10.33 ppg, Peri Kalka averages 8 ppg and Elyse Penaluna averages 6 points per game.

With four Tigers averaging over 10 ppg (Kate Gaze, Monique Conti, Briana Babic and Hannah Zavecz) and others averaging 5 or more, the side is more than capable of putting up a winning score.

The team goes to Ballarat after Easter in which promises to be an interesting game in terms of team development.

It’s been tough

The Tigers have had a tough season in SEABL this year but fans are still hopeful that every game they play next is the one when there is a win at the end of the game.

It is easy for a fan to feel despair after watching loss after loss either live, streamed or by reading stats but we the fans have to stick around and give the SEABL boys the best possible support no matter the result.

When the season is over, the Tigers will have gone through an entire SEABL season for the first time since 1983 and the club will then know what they need to do for 2017, SEABL is no small fries competition where dominance is established instantly by a Johnny come lately club and the Tigers knew that right from the start and so the team will improve over time.

The Tigers have Dandenong this coming Sunday afternoon on Dandenong’s turf and they are known for being a good club, Tigers fans around Dandenong should go and check out the game because watching a SEABL game is a great experience and the boys will appreciate the time taken to go see them play.

Even better news for fans is that Dandenong stream their matches and that makes it great for Tigers fans to tune in and watch the game.

Go Tigers!

Petition update – November 11 2015

The petition is doing well at this time, there is currently 131 signatures and with the surge of interest in the Melbourne Tigers it is hoped that the amount of signatures will rise to challenge the 150 signature mark real soon.

For those not in the know, the petition is calling on the owners of Melbourne United to give up the Melbourne Tigers name, colours and history so the original Melbourne Tigers who is the mother/father of the club going around as Melbourne United can participate in competitions higher than the BigV as well as be allowed to do other things to expand the team’s income.

As it stands right now, the Tigers cannot compete in the NBL, SEABL and CLB which are either semi-professional or professional and this is why getting those rights is important because those three competitions are well known and fans want the team to be part of the action.

It is hoped that we, the fans of the Melbourne Tigers can unite in this petition to show the rights owners that we truly believe in our Tigers and a separation of the Tigers and United is good for Basketball particularly in the future as there is no doubt the two teams will meet on court.

To visit/sign the petition please visit the site below.

Go Tigers

Support surges for Tigers

It’s been a fantastic week for Tigers fans, morale is sky high and signatures are once again flowing into the petition.

49 people isn’t a jump over the moon total but the jump from 15 just a few days ago is a sign that the petition is making it’s way to Tigers fans who want the Tigers property to be released in order to get the Tigers back onto the path of participating in the highest levels of sport.

Fans of all NBL clubs are welcome to sign the petition, we love hearing from you we even had a Wildcats fan comment the other day which was nice to see and so if NBL fans who want the Tigers to join the NBL party sign then we can really get things rolling.

For newcomers the petition is located at

There is further good news as the Tigers now have a website in development at http://www.melbournebasketball.com.au/girls it has information on the girls teams and according to Janet Gaze there will be an /seniors addition for all the senior team information plus much more so head on over Tigers fans and check it out.

Keep those signatures coming and rejoice in the news the Tigers are up and about.

Go Tigers!

SEABL plan reportedly fails

Melbourne Tigers hopes have reportedly been dashed with reports from Brad Simpson that the 2015 season draw has already been finalized, earlier today we speculated that it was possible Melbourne Tigers could of replaced the Knox Raiders in the competition but it seems negotiations between the Tigers consortium and SEABL (and possibly Melbourne United) did not reach a satisfactory conclusion.

There are no details on why it has failed but it could be anything from the consortium unable to get a compromise from Melbourne United, the Tigers did not raise enough money for SEABL or SEABL did not want the Tigers in at this time plus an array of other options.

If this report is true this news is no doubt a result the Tigers fans were not hoping for but the supporters will bounce back and support the team in the BigV competition as the march continues towards getting the team back towards top level basketball.

Knox out, Melbourne in for SEABL?

With the Knox Raiders announcing in late November that they are sitting out of the 2015 SEABL competition for financial reasons so they can play in 2016 is leaving Melbourne Tigers fans speculating that this be the catalyst to get the Melbourne Tigers into the competition.

The door still appears open for the Tigers to come in with the 2015 fixture not yet announced and with SEABL one team short this could be the perfect hurry up to get the Tigers into the competition and give the Tigers fans who are currently out in the cold of semi-professional or professional basketball something to cheer about.

Tigers fans hoping for good news

It’s been a quiet week for Tigers fans as they await word of the effort by the Tigers consortium to get the team into SEABL for the 2015 season, fans are hoping that the consortium is having success in their quest to raise a quarter of a million dollars to finance the Tigers having teams in both the Men’s and Women’s competition.

It has long been said that if the SEABL plan is unable to happen the team will then focus on the competitions that the Tigers currently play in and there is no doubt that the consortium will keep trying to get the Tigers in SEABL eventually as the team makes it’s way back to the NBL and take on their former NBL spin off Melbourne United who in what some say is a hypocritical twist sponsor the VJBL which is participated in by the Tigers.

We Are Not United will continue to report on the progress of the Tigers consortium as more information comes to the public.

Save The Melbourne Tigers group restructures for Tigers comeback

Facebook group ‘Save The Melbourne Tigers’ is restructuring itself in an effort to be of more assistance to the Tigers consortium now and into the future.

The group will be changing it’s membership criteria to allow more fans to become part of the group while the group will also be updating it’s behavioral standards by encouraging fans to forget about venting anger and frustration at Melbourne United and their fans, while this is not an easy thing to do giving Melbourne United and their fans their space could have benefits for the future.

This encouragement does not signal capitulation for Tigers fans are asked to work towards getting the Melbourne Tigers ready for an upcoming SEABL or BigV campaign as well as following the various junior teams so they become well known to Basketball fans.

Tigers fans are still awaiting more news on the SEABL plan but are confident that progress will be made and more news will become available shortly as the clock ticks down to the release of the fixture for the next SEABL season.