Save The Melbourne Tigers group restructures for Tigers comeback

Facebook group ‘Save The Melbourne Tigers’ is restructuring itself in an effort to be of more assistance to the Tigers consortium now and into the future.

The group will be changing it’s membership criteria to allow more fans to become part of the group while the group will also be updating it’s behavioral standards by encouraging fans to forget about venting anger and frustration at Melbourne United and their fans, while this is not an easy thing to do giving Melbourne United and their fans their space could have benefits for the future.

This encouragement does not signal capitulation for Tigers fans are asked to work towards getting the Melbourne Tigers ready for an upcoming SEABL or BigV campaign as well as following the various junior teams so they become well known to Basketball fans.

Tigers fans are still awaiting more news on the SEABL plan but are confident that progress will be made and more news will become available shortly as the clock ticks down to the release of the fixture for the next SEABL season.