The media still doesn’t like the name Melbourne United

It’s been six months since the announcement that Melbourne United was the new name of the club that for the last 30 years was known as the Melbourne Tigers (80+ if you count the still continuing mother club) and the media is still having trouble getting the team’s name right.

It’s now Round 9 of the NBL season and today radio station Gold 104 called the team ‘Melbourne City’ in their news update, NBL commentators have been heard calling the team Melbourne Victory and the Melbourne Tigers and there is still plenty of rounds to go to call them the names of other Melbourne teams scattering throughout the sporting world such as the Melbourne Storm, Melbourne Demons, Melbourne Stars, Melbourne Aces, Melbourne Mustangs and the Melbourne Vixens.

To add to the confusion, Melbourne United themselves call the team in some promotional material the ‘CTI Melbourne United Ballers’ which is seen as an attempt to connect the mascot (Mr Baller) with the team name to connect with young fans and the team has also been introduced as the Ballers as they come out onto the court which makes fans and the generally curious wonder if they are the Ballers or United.

This proves that choosing United as the name was a very bad idea and there is no doubt that clubs around Australia will not be hiring the people who conducted the research that said United was a good name to replace the successful Tigers name, Tigers fans hope that when the Tigers make it back to the NBL as a separate entity they won’t be mistaken for Melbourne United.


Save The Melbourne Tigers group restructures for Tigers comeback

Facebook group ‘Save The Melbourne Tigers’ is restructuring itself in an effort to be of more assistance to the Tigers consortium now and into the future.

The group will be changing it’s membership criteria to allow more fans to become part of the group while the group will also be updating it’s behavioral standards by encouraging fans to forget about venting anger and frustration at Melbourne United and their fans, while this is not an easy thing to do giving Melbourne United and their fans their space could have benefits for the future.

This encouragement does not signal capitulation for Tigers fans are asked to work towards getting the Melbourne Tigers ready for an upcoming SEABL or BigV campaign as well as following the various junior teams so they become well known to Basketball fans.

Tigers fans are still awaiting more news on the SEABL plan but are confident that progress will be made and more news will become available shortly as the clock ticks down to the release of the fixture for the next SEABL season.

VJBL now sponsored by Melbourne United

Melbourne United have entered the naming rights realm by taking the naming rights to the VJBL with the VJBL now being the Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League from November 1.

In an somewhat ironic twist the VJBL is a home of the original Melbourne Tigers who play in the competition, the Melbourne Tigers team in the VJBL were blamed for the downturn in interest for the NBL team by the owners of Melbourne United when ‘rebranding’ the Tigers NBL side.

If the Melbourne Tigers VJBL and NBL teams were such a problem for basketball fans for the team being in the VJBL (though living separately) and the NBL then wouldn’t Melbourne United being the naming rights sponsor of the VJBL while being in the NBL be seen as a conflict of interest especially to those in other leagues around the state? Could Melbourne United pick the best of the bunch to play for them as Melbourne Tigers NBL team were accused of having first dibs to the Tigers VJBL and BigV talent?.

It will be very awkward if the Tigers win a VJBL title and the Captain or Coach will have to say ‘We would like to thank Melbourne United for their wonderful sponsorship of the league……’ many people would probably tell you they wouldn’t even try to say those words


Is United controlling what is said?

Melbourne Tigers fans reading the newspaper today would of been amused at the sight of seeing the Melbourne Tiger beside the Cairns Taipans logo for the game coming up on Sunday instead of Melbourne United’s logo.

Amusement would of turned to amazement when looking below the picture and seeing Mark Worthington’s comments would of noticed that his comments on the Tigers situation were word for word to comments made by Chris Anstey earlier this week when he was live on SEN with him answering a text message submitted to the station by a Melbourne Tigers fan, those who want to see Mark Worthington’s words can see them below while Chris Anstey’s appearance on SEN can be heard here.

The word for word usage by Worthington and Anstey has lead to questions of whether or not that Melbourne United has a tight leash on what players, coaching staff and other members of the organization are allowed to say to the media and other outlets.

We Are Not United thank all the fans who provided us with the information and pictures for this article.