Petition update – November 11 2015

The petition is doing well at this time, there is currently 131 signatures and with the surge of interest in the Melbourne Tigers it is hoped that the amount of signatures will rise to challenge the 150 signature mark real soon.

For those not in the know, the petition is calling on the owners of Melbourne United to give up the Melbourne Tigers name, colours and history so the original Melbourne Tigers who is the mother/father of the club going around as Melbourne United can participate in competitions higher than the BigV as well as be allowed to do other things to expand the team’s income.

As it stands right now, the Tigers cannot compete in the NBL, SEABL and CLB which are either semi-professional or professional and this is why getting those rights is important because those three competitions are well known and fans want the team to be part of the action.

It is hoped that we, the fans of the Melbourne Tigers can unite in this petition to show the rights owners that we truly believe in our Tigers and a separation of the Tigers and United is good for Basketball particularly in the future as there is no doubt the two teams will meet on court.

To visit/sign the petition please visit the site below.

Go Tigers


Building the social media network

There is no doubt now fellow Tigers fans that journalists and bloggers etc aren’t yet interested in Tigers fans efforts in making the Tigers the second Melbourne NBL team in the competition.

So how do we change that? For starters it is up to us, Tigers fans have to generate the interest themselves by showing the passion and dedication fans have for the team and the goal of returning to the NBL and that may seem difficult but it really isn’t because a Tweet can be written in about the same time as watching a cat video and liking and retweeting is a click and done thing.

Below is a list of Basketball reporters, stars and bloggers who could potentially be Twittered to persuasion to come and have a look at fans efforts at Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers and Save The Melbourne Tigers, they may comment negatively but we’ll take it because they’ve taken the time to acknowledge us and may set people’s curiosity off.

Roy Ward – Twitter
The Age Sport – Twitter
SMH Sport – Twitter – Twitter
The Pick And Roll  – FB Page, Twitter
SEN Morning Glory – Twitter
Andy Maher (SEN Morning Glory co-host) – Twitter
Andrew Gaze – Twitter
Lanard Copeland – Twitter
Boti Nagy – Twitter – Twitter
Hoops Heaven – Twitter
Corey ‘Homicide’ Williams – Twitter
Dwayne Russell – Twitter
Andrew Voss – Twitter – Twitter
Steve Carfino – Twitter
Paul Suttor – Twitter
Rebuild Our Melbourne Tigers – Twitter
Melbourne Tigers Girls – Twitter

Some NBL fans may not be aware the Melbourne Tigers still exists so you might have to explain that because there is a chance people just think we’re bitter fans and not club re-builders or expanders.

If we can get 10 people tweeting that’s good, if all ten retweet the others tweets then it goes into multiplication and if the retweets get retweeted it reaches more people and if people comment on tweets it goes further and then we’ve got a commodity.

Lastly there’s the whole realm of hashtags so in tweets could put in #MelbourneTigers, #Tigers, #WeAreMelbourneToo, #Wewereherefirst, #TigersForNBL, #TigersAreUnited (that will stump people) and lots more, if enough people use the same hashtag it trend in the nation.

It can be done, believe it, do it and achieve it.

Go Tigers!

Clawing our way along to success

First off, WANMU doesn’t believe there is a conspiracy by the NBL ensuring Melbourne United wins like it did today against the Breakers by getting the refs to manipulate results, what happened today was bad calls by the referees which is a problem league wide so Mr Kestelman needs to put that on the fix list just ahead of putting us back into competition.

Secondly things are going good, Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers is just nine likes away from reaching 500 likes and it is hoped that milestone will be reached really soon because it is a great place to be at and has the right mix of memories and future ambitions and opinions are very valued.

The Tigers Girls were in action at Geelong this weekend and they played with Tiger spirit and integrity no matter if they were on the right or wrong side of the scoreline when the final whistle blows, we hope all Tigers sides that participated had a great time in the tournament.

Other Tigers teams not at Geelong were busy training at MSAC and they have come up with several new ideas to improve on their game play and by the looks of things coaches, teammates, family, friends and fans will be impressed by their new techniques.

Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers is now on Twitter and looks forward to being followed by readers and tweeting Tigers news and memories which are highly valued by fans, for those new to Twitter below are links to several Twitter accounts that fans may love to visit in the near future.

Rebuilding Our Melbourne Tigers
Melbourne Tigers Girls
Andrew Gaze
Mark Bradkte
Lanard Copeland
Nigel Purchase

For the next 22 hours there is a poll on Twitter asking if the Tigers should be the second Melbourne NBL club, votes can be submitted by clicking here.

Don’t worry about United fellow Tigers fans, they may be getting big crowds and are 9-0 but they are warming up the crowds for our return in the future or at the very least warming up the public for the 2016 BigV season which promises to be great for the Melbourne Tigers.

Go Tigers!

Support surges for Tigers

It’s been a fantastic week for Tigers fans, morale is sky high and signatures are once again flowing into the petition.

49 people isn’t a jump over the moon total but the jump from 15 just a few days ago is a sign that the petition is making it’s way to Tigers fans who want the Tigers property to be released in order to get the Tigers back onto the path of participating in the highest levels of sport.

Fans of all NBL clubs are welcome to sign the petition, we love hearing from you we even had a Wildcats fan comment the other day which was nice to see and so if NBL fans who want the Tigers to join the NBL party sign then we can really get things rolling.

For newcomers the petition is located at

There is further good news as the Tigers now have a website in development at it has information on the girls teams and according to Janet Gaze there will be an /seniors addition for all the senior team information plus much more so head on over Tigers fans and check it out.

Keep those signatures coming and rejoice in the news the Tigers are up and about.

Go Tigers!

United Baller’s 2014/15 Finals hopes officially over

The United Baller’s finals hopes are now over with a massive loss to the Cairns Taipans tonight, the side was already under pressure with Adelaide defeating New Zealand earlier in the week forcing the equation that United must win all four of their games with Adelaide losing all three of theirs for United to make the finals.

United’s bosses, coaches and players are no doubt relieved that their torturous season is over, from the arrival of United on May 20 2014 they’ve seen the departure of many Tigers fans, the loss of Chris Anstey after one regular season game, slow buildup of crowds, a solid finals spot slip slide away, D-Mac becoming more furious with every loss, United Ballers losing to the bottom teams that all but crippled their season, players criticizing others in the newspapers and now knocked out of finals contention.

While there are still three regular season games for the United Ballers to play, there is no doubt that plans for the 2015/16 season are now underway, many suspect D-Mac will not be the 2015/16 coach and the future of the imports is questionable, this season has proven that the throwing around of millions of dollars doesn’t guarantee success particularly when loyalty and harmony are missing from the team both on the court and in the stands.

Many Tigers fans are celebrating tonight for the Tigers made the 2013/14 finals season without sacrificing so much for a boost in finances but it must be said there is a tinge of sadness for many of the players and staff who are great members of the Tigers family are at United and do not deserve to be front row witnesses to such an imploding end to United’s season.

The defiant Tigers fans will be cheering on the Tigers BigV team in their upcoming BigV season this year and hope the side makes the finals to prove that the Tigers and not United are Melbourne.

Who are Melbourne? Melbourne Tigers are Melbourne!.


What will United wear?

Heritage Round for the NBL is here and all eyes on are Melbourne United on what they’ll wear when they appear at The Cage to take on Townsville next week.

Will they be wearing Melbourne Tigers gear? SE Melbourne Magic? Nunawading Spectres? North Melbourne Giants? Frankston Bears?  St Kilda? Any of the other Melbourne and Geelong area teams?.

If the Tigers jersey is chosen it will no doubt make unhappy Tigers fans even unhappier considering the Tigers history was booted in favor of United Ballers and the game it is at the Tigers former home turf.

If they pick other teams those fans would be unhappy because they didn’t like the Tigers and lastly if they chose a state jersey then people will be reminded by United Ballers statement that the United Ballers aren’t trying to grab the whole state for themselves.

United Ballers will later on be having a Foundation Round, since Melbourne United Ballers have said the Tigers and United Ballers are the same team, the below should serve as a reminder that Foundation for Melbourne was 1984 and not 2014.

1984 Tigers

Don’t despair Tigers fans, BigV is getting closer

2015 is well underway now that the first week of the year is gone and life is returning to normal, sure the NBL is still going and that is very depressing for Tigers fans as the Tigers aren’t in action but fans can take comfort in knowing that we are one week closer to the Tigers playing in the 2015 BigV competition.

Tigers fans have reported the affect that the Tigers not being in the NBL has had on young children for some have asked their parents why they haven’t seen a game yet, it is no doubt difficult to explain the situation to children but one way is that the Tigers will be back in action during winter and they will be seen again and again when the time comes.

The BigV Tigers may have little profile compared to the NBL Tigers but with NBL Tigers fans sharing information on the team there is little doubt that the team’s profile will rise and new heroes will be cheered on by Tigers fans young and old.

A slightly empty Christmas for Tigers fans

Christmas time used to be special for Tigers fans for it meant that the NBL season was entering the second half of the season and thoughts of finals start to enter the mind.

For this festive season there is no Tigers in the NBL or any major competition but Tigers fans find some cheer in knowing that the number of Christmases without the Tigers in competition are numbered for we have every faith in the team being built up to be nice and strong again and playing in a number of strong leagues.

Enjoy this Christmas, wear some Tigers gear and add to your Christmas some Basketball cheer by playing a game or watching a classic match or two in the company of family and friends and may next Christmas be one of 100% Tiger positivity.

Tigers fans hoping for good news

It’s been a quiet week for Tigers fans as they await word of the effort by the Tigers consortium to get the team into SEABL for the 2015 season, fans are hoping that the consortium is having success in their quest to raise a quarter of a million dollars to finance the Tigers having teams in both the Men’s and Women’s competition.

It has long been said that if the SEABL plan is unable to happen the team will then focus on the competitions that the Tigers currently play in and there is no doubt that the consortium will keep trying to get the Tigers in SEABL eventually as the team makes it’s way back to the NBL and take on their former NBL spin off Melbourne United who in what some say is a hypocritical twist sponsor the VJBL which is participated in by the Tigers.

We Are Not United will continue to report on the progress of the Tigers consortium as more information comes to the public.

What should the Tigers wear?

Let’s say that the Melbourne Tigers enter SEABL and has all the licenses it needs to wear any NBL era jersey it wants, what would be the perfect look for the Tigers?.

Would you go for a Red and Yellow look? perhaps a Red and Orange one? completely Yellow? Red and Yellow with Tigers stripes on the sides? Any of the other Tigers jersey combinations? Some say the completely Yellow look was too generic and identity taking while some may think the 1993 jersey is a little dated but others think it still has everything fans desire.

There are so many choices and no doubt it would be difficult for the decision makers to come up with the look that will please all fans but it will be fun for fans to look and discuss all the possible options and perhaps persuade the powers that be to pick the one that is liked best.

Tigers v Bullets images (1) images Melbourne+Tigers+Headshots+Session+t0w2HVNjjxwl