Petition update – November 11 2015

The petition is doing well at this time, there is currently 131 signatures and with the surge of interest in the Melbourne Tigers it is hoped that the amount of signatures will rise to challenge the 150 signature mark real soon.

For those not in the know, the petition is calling on the owners of Melbourne United to give up the Melbourne Tigers name, colours and history so the original Melbourne Tigers who is the mother/father of the club going around as Melbourne United can participate in competitions higher than the BigV as well as be allowed to do other things to expand the team’s income.

As it stands right now, the Tigers cannot compete in the NBL, SEABL and CLB which are either semi-professional or professional and this is why getting those rights is important because those three competitions are well known and fans want the team to be part of the action.

It is hoped that we, the fans of the Melbourne Tigers can unite in this petition to show the rights owners that we truly believe in our Tigers and a separation of the Tigers and United is good for Basketball particularly in the future as there is no doubt the two teams will meet on court.

To visit/sign the petition please visit the site below.

Go Tigers


Crocodiles inflict St Valentine’s Day Massacre on United

United’s second half of the season went from bad to worse as it was hammered 105 to 68 in Townsville last night, this loss means that United come home from Queensland (aka Sunshine Swing) burnt in more ways than one as they went win less during their Queensland stay.

United were hoping the most romantic day of the year would give them some love but instead it was Townsville who was showing the love to their fans with a 28 to 17 opening quarter.

The love fest continued with Townsville scoring 25 points to 16 before really turning it on in the third quarter with a 31 points to 16 effort, United steadied in a high scoring 21 points apiece last quarter but at the final buzzer it was a 37 point win to Townsville.

McRae top scored with 24 points followed by Taipans players Norton and Conklin who both scored 23 points each, Townsville had 57.3% success shooting field goals, 37% with three pointers and 90% Free Throws whilst United had 38.5% FG, 35.5% 3PT and 66.7% FT, see FIBA LiveStats for all the details.

With all of Townsville’s reported troubles this season, it is hoped their late season form will inspire coaches, fans and most importantly sponsors to push on for next year.

Basketball fans around the country¬†get the feeling that United’s last two games against Sydney are a godsend for players, coaches, owners and fans as they seek to leave their ‘Foundation’ season behind.

If a poem could be written about the game it will probably read as something like this;

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Too Bad United
The Crocs Ate You

Taipans bite United again

Cairns Taipans last week gave Melbourne United a ‘debut’ to forget and last night the Taipans again dominated United by winning 88 to 73 with former Melbourne Tiger Cameron Tragardh top scoring for the Taipans with 18 points.

There have been many wisecracks made since the end of the game with many wondering if Darryl McDonald will be coach on Sunday against the NZ Breakers after Chris Anstey ‘stepped down’ after coaching United for just one regular season game, United will be playing at the Margaret Court Arena and is being really generous giving United ($1.87) shorter odds than New Zealand ($1.95) who is currently 2-0 compared to United’s 0-2 while TAB Sportsbet has both sides at $1.90 each.

It will be interesting to see if Melbourne United do honour any of the past Victorian NBL teams with jerseys ranging from the rafters (or outside the court like the Tigers ones at Hisense Arena) or not, while hanging famous jerseys is considered a good gesture it is considered meaningless by many for the numbers aren’t retired and in many eyes an honoured player is known by both name and number.


BigV Tigers need NBL Tigers fans support

Melbourne Tigers fans may be facing it’s first season out of the NBL since it’s existence in 1984 (with United claiming they are a new entity) there is some comfort to know that the Melbourne Tigers that play in the BigV are still going strong and needs fans to attend their matches in their next season, it is important for Melbourne Tigers fans to remember that without the BigV side’s 1931 birth there wouldn’t be the Melbourne Tigers that played (and will play again) in the NBL, for further incentive it should be noted that United are supporting the Mckinnon Basketball Association which has teams in the BigV and therefore are a Tigers rival should any of the Tigers team meet them.

Fans of the Nunawading Spectres, Coburg Giants (aka North Melbourne Giants), Frankston Blues (formerly Frankston Bears in the NBL) and the Geelong Supercats are also playing in the BigV therefore fans of those sides should also flock to their matches and support the teams instead of joining United’s aim to ‘unite’ all the fans under their umbrella.