Taipans bite United again

Cairns Taipans last week gave Melbourne United a ‘debut’ to forget and last night the Taipans again dominated United by winning 88 to 73 with former Melbourne Tiger Cameron Tragardh top scoring for the Taipans with 18 points.

There have been many wisecracks made since the end of the game with many wondering if Darryl McDonald will be coach on Sunday against the NZ Breakers after Chris Anstey ‘stepped down’ after coaching United for just one regular season game, United will be playing at the Margaret Court Arena and Bet365.com is being really generous giving United ($1.87) shorter odds than New Zealand ($1.95) who is currently 2-0 compared to United’s 0-2 while TAB Sportsbet has both sides at $1.90 each.

It will be interesting to see if Melbourne United do honour any of the past Victorian NBL teams with jerseys ranging from the rafters (or outside the court like the Tigers ones at Hisense Arena) or not, while hanging famous jerseys is considered a good gesture it is considered meaningless by many for the numbers aren’t retired and in many eyes an honoured player is known by both name and number.



United badly bitten by the Cairns Taipans

After all the hype and all the still continuing fighting between Pro Tigers and Pro United fans it was finally time for Melbourne United to show NBL fans what they had for the competition, their opponents for the match were the Cairns Taipans and the Taipans bit United hard early and by the end of the afternoon killed them with a convincing 89 to 61 win, United simply had no answers against the Taipans making United seem to be unable to walk their walk and talk their talk.

Hisense Arena was not sold out with a reported crowd of 5,704 people watching the game (including free ticket users), spectators and TV viewers reported that sections of the Arena were empty with TV making it glaring obvious play by play, reports on crowd atmosphere vary with some saying the game had a good atmosphere while others report that the crowd were lacking energy and were never into the game, the next couple of games will be interesting to see if crowd levels raise, hold or fall with Victorians thirst for competitive teams set to dictate terms for if United wins crowds will rise and losses will send crowds spiraling putting United’s owner’s aspirations into a deep hole.