Stand together, work together, succeed together

The other day I was having a discussion with a guy who loves Melbourne United and he loved the Tigers but he hated the juniors because he had to play them for a long time and this prevents him from signing the petition and thinking back it seems the juniors have been a problem to many for a long time because it has come up so often.

Is it really the Tigers fault for having a comprehensive Basketball program? No it is not and the reason why is that every organization aims to do their very best and the Tigers for a very long were able to do so much because they were very organized and managed to ride out many of the storms Basketball has endured in recent decades.

The Coburg Giants then North Melbourne Giants were one team battered by some of those storms but today they are doing great, yes the seemingly forgotten Coburg Giants before they claimed the North end of Melbourne to become North Melbourne are still around, they have a great program in fact they are in some of the BigV competitions too and they doing quiet well, check them out here and if you are a Giants fan give them your support.

We make no secret of the desire to make the Tigers great once again and write new chapters in the story that has been written since 1931, unfortunately the Tigers of today do not have the luxury of being a full time operation but those who work with the Tigers are working very hard in their spare time to make the team get off the ground and back into the ring for another bout against the very best and so the Tigers faithful is needed to work with them wherever possible to achieve the best outcomes.

We all know that we are not full timers either Tigers fans, we have to work, eat and all the rest before sleep comes before another day but what has to be remembered is that the tiny things we can do can make a difference long after the action is done and if that tiny action is not done then nothing will definitely happen.

Every reader knows there is the petition going on and so far only 86 people have answered the call, we’ve had to beg and beg some more for many signatures and I the writer of this blog plea once again to please sign and share the petition.

Don’t just post in groups but also when talking to friends on Facebook Messenger give them the link and ask if they would please sign it for you.

If you know a Tigers fan then get them to sign, If you got lots of family members then get them all to sign, it does not cost a cent to sign and while you are on you can sign other campaigns to make a difference in this world, it does work and lots of good has been done.

Counting the Tigers club with hundreds of juniors and scores of seniors, the officials that look after them and the parents of those playing on the courts, we have a lot of numbers and we need to flex our muscles, if we get the rights back for the club we can ensure that the club can live to the best of it’s ability they could do so much with the rights but they need me, they need you and they need the people unaware of what we are doing to put fingers to keyboards and sign and find people to sign.

Do not forget what happened for the South Dragons group, they got a tiny piece of media exposure and BOOM their numbers went up big time to the point it is believed their numbers more than doubled by the same time the next day, if we keep pushing and get the right attention then the spotlight is on the Tigers and rightfully so, we would be doing our club a great service.

So please if you haven’t already by this line, sign and share the petition below.

I love Basketball, I love the NBL, I love the Melbourne Tigers and I believe in the future of the club, how about you?

Go Tigers!


Does anybody care about the Giants anymore?

When it comes to teams that are missed you have people missing the Melbourne Tigers, West Sydney Razorbacks, Canberra Cannons, Brisbane Bullets, South East Melbourne Magic, South Dragons and many others but one team gone from the NBL but is still around is the Coburg Giants.

The team started their NBL journey as Coburg in 1980 before moving to North Melbourne in 1987, winning the NBL title in 1989 and 1994 before merging with SE Melbourne Magic for the 1998/99 Season before becoming the Victoria Titans and finally Victoria Giants before it was all over in 2004.

The Giants live on in the Coburg Basketball Association with the team having great success on and off the court but when it comes to NBL chatter the talk about the Giants is little compared to the other teams and so We Are Not United encourages Giants fans to talk Giants basketball, make a page, educate people about the team and who knows maybe the Giants can become a force again one competition at a time.

NBL2KMOD gives Tigers fans joy

While having no team in the NBL sucks, Melbourne Tigers fans who play PC games can play as the Melbourne Tigers thanks to the NBL2KMOD for NBA2K13, Fans can play as any of the four Tigers title winning teams while fans of the Magic, Giants etc can also play as their favourite teams so players can play Tigers vs Magic or Tigers vs United or play as one of the many past and present NBL teams and see which team is truly the greatest of them all.

The game is still in Alpha stage so lots of adjustments will be made over time but fans will already be impressed by what’s on offer at the moment.

Fans must have NBA2k13 (available for $30 USD from Steam by clicking the link) before downloading the MOD for free from the NBL2KMOD site here.


Will the Giants fans rise?

Over the last few days we’ve reported on South East Melbourne Magic  and South Dragons fans starting to increase their efforts in the hopes the NBL brings their teams back into the competition but fans of one team have largely been quiet and they are the fans of the North Melbourne Giants, As most of us know the Giants who were originally the Coburg Giants (who still exist) had their own array of basketball stars such as Darryl McDonald, Scott Fisher and Ray Borner and great coaches such as Bruce Palmer and Brett Brown and they as much as any team have the right to oppose any moves by Melbourne United to ‘honour’ them particularly when their club is not dead.

Giants fans are encouraged to make a group or a page and share the Giants greatest moments, keep people updated on how well Coburg are doing and enable fans to give Melbourne United their point of view, the Giants as well as the Geelong Supercats (who are very much alive and will be written about later) deserve to not have their history used as a membership and/or game attendance selling point by Melbourne United because as mentioned earlier both teams are still living in different competitions and have been successful in their own right.


BigV Tigers need NBL Tigers fans support

Melbourne Tigers fans may be facing it’s first season out of the NBL since it’s existence in 1984 (with United claiming they are a new entity) there is some comfort to know that the Melbourne Tigers that play in the BigV are still going strong and needs fans to attend their matches in their next season, it is important for Melbourne Tigers fans to remember that without the BigV side’s 1931 birth there wouldn’t be the Melbourne Tigers that played (and will play again) in the NBL, for further incentive it should be noted that United are supporting the Mckinnon Basketball Association which has teams in the BigV and therefore are a Tigers rival should any of the Tigers team meet them.

Fans of the Nunawading Spectres, Coburg Giants (aka North Melbourne Giants), Frankston Blues (formerly Frankston Bears in the NBL) and the Geelong Supercats are also playing in the BigV therefore fans of those sides should also flock to their matches and support the teams instead of joining United’s aim to ‘unite’ all the fans under their umbrella.