Which title is the best?

1993 or 1997?
2005/06 or 2007/08?

As most Tigers fans know the Tigers after going through the 1980’s empty handed won two titles each in the 1990’s and 2000’s and contested an additional two Grand Final series each in both decades.

Each title win is memorable for their own reasons, 1993 was won over in Perth where the Tigers had to win over there for the first time to win the title and 1997 was a year that started horribly before the incredible winning streak that (Melbourne United needs another six to match) propelled the Tigers to the title against the Magic which avenged the narrow losses in 1992 and 1996.

Then came 2005/06 when Brian Goorjian and his Kings were dominating the league and the Tigers dispatched them with relative ease and then the 2007/08 series was a series of thrills as it went down to the wire with the Tigers winning the decider in Sydney to take the title 3-2.

Each title won brought a great level of satisfaction, beating the Wildcats in Perth to the dismay of their fans in 1993 was something to behold, beating the Magic was always something special and beating Brian Goorjian twice more was something to be pleased with as the Tigers finally won more series than lost against him (Brian struck back with the South Dragons in 2008/09 making it 3-3).

So which is the best win of them all? Is there a definitive answer or perhaps the answer just simply is………

All of them.


Has the Dragons and Magic fan charge stopped?

When talk of the South Dragons possible return to the NBL was running rampant in the media, Facebook group ‘Save Our South Dragons‘ experienced a massive surge in numbers of likes for their page but now the page has been stuck in the 800’s for some time,

The same has occurred over at ‘Bring Back The South East Melbourne Magic‘ for they have stopped in the 600’s after experiencing a boom of their own which is a shame considering when thriving they have a very passionate community.

With the United Ballers all but missing out on the 2014/15 NBL finals series, now is a good time for both the Magic and the Dragons fans and the teams consortium’s to start flexing their muscles while readying for the 2016/17 season for Victorians don’t like teams who fail to make the big time and will be looking for a team who state they can walk the walk and talk the talk.

On the other hand, the Melbourne Tigers are still busy rebuilding and planning their future with their fans hoping for some BigV success this year so don’t count out the Tigers from looming in the shadows of the United Ballers and raising the stakes in the ‘Battle for Melbourne’.

Stay tuned fans.

Dragons roar to 800 likes

Save Our South Dragons Facebook page has passed 800 views thanks to a mention in The Age, the group had 528 members before The Age on December 10 published a story mentioning the South Dragons and the group which lead to the rapid increase in likes.

The group has some way to go to catch Melbourne United who have 35,000 likes although the majority of those were from the days the page was run for the Melbourne Tigers, South East Melbourne Magic currently has 610 likes while Melbourne Tigers fans are discussing opening a fan page in the near future.

Save Our South Dragons hope that the increase in likes continues and that the page enters four figure likes real soon to ensure that the NBL really knows that there is great interest in the revival of the former NBL team.

NBL2KMOD gives Tigers fans joy

While having no team in the NBL sucks, Melbourne Tigers fans who play PC games can play as the Melbourne Tigers thanks to the NBL2KMOD for NBA2K13, Fans can play as any of the four Tigers title winning teams while fans of the Magic, Giants etc can also play as their favourite teams so players can play Tigers vs Magic or Tigers vs United or play as one of the many past and present NBL teams and see which team is truly the greatest of them all.

The game is still in Alpha stage so lots of adjustments will be made over time but fans will already be impressed by what’s on offer at the moment.

Fans must have NBA2k13 (available for $30 USD from Steam by clicking the link) before downloading the MOD for free from the NBL2KMOD site here.


Add some Tigers to your day

Motivation can be hard at times, success at Melbourne United whether it’s at corporate level or playing level may make you feel down but you can make things turn around easily by just talking about or showing something about the Melbourne Tigers.

You can post your thoughts on a great match video and show video of it for others to give their opinion, you can show trading cards of players throughout the years, you can talk about how good a Tigers vs United match would be in a future season, you could tell how eager you are to be playing in the near future as the Tigers against United on the NBL2K13 MOD of NBA2k13 when it is released or even Tigers vs Magic, Tigers vs Giants and all the other Melbourne and Geelong teams, you can post a picture of yourself and family in Tigers gear, you can tweet or post blog posts or newspaper articles that have gotten your attention and more.

People love seeing action, if a page or group has people posting then it gets the attention of others and they feel like contributing and it continues on from there and it can become catchy and once that happens it can spread around and carry on from there.

Giants, Titans, Magic, Supercats and Dragons fans can all do the same thing about their teams because if you remain silent about something you really believe in then nobody will know about it and the hopes and dreams you have will fade off and eventually die and that would be an awful shame.

Add some Tigers to your day because it could be something that will inspire others to do the same.

Tigers fans and Magic fans converse about campaign efforts

While some rivalries could hinder efforts done in the name of the greater good, Melbourne Tigers fans and South East Melbourne Magic fans have put aside past battles and found common ground in the fact that both teams are out of the NBL and both want somebody to get both teams back in, Tigers fans sought and were given counsel by Magic fans as they attempt to find ways to stay in the fight, Tigers fans were very impressed by the suggestions given by the SE Melbourne Magic fans and will no doubt ask for more counsel should the need arise while helping the Magic find more of it’s fans as they continue to speak up about wanting to be in the league.

If you are a SE Melbourne Magic fan or you are a person who believes that the Magic should be back in the NBL can visit ‘Bring Back the South East Melbourne Magic‘ page on Facebook and give the page a like and let them know that you support the return of the Magic.

Will the Giants fans rise?

Over the last few days we’ve reported on South East Melbourne Magic  and South Dragons fans starting to increase their efforts in the hopes the NBL brings their teams back into the competition but fans of one team have largely been quiet and they are the fans of the North Melbourne Giants, As most of us know the Giants who were originally the Coburg Giants (who still exist) had their own array of basketball stars such as Darryl McDonald, Scott Fisher and Ray Borner and great coaches such as Bruce Palmer and Brett Brown and they as much as any team have the right to oppose any moves by Melbourne United to ‘honour’ them particularly when their club is not dead.

Giants fans are encouraged to make a group or a page and share the Giants greatest moments, keep people updated on how well Coburg are doing and enable fans to give Melbourne United their point of view, the Giants as well as the Geelong Supercats (who are very much alive and will be written about later) deserve to not have their history used as a membership and/or game attendance selling point by Melbourne United because as mentioned earlier both teams are still living in different competitions and have been successful in their own right.


Magic fans want their team back too

South East Melbourne Magic fans have been calling for the Magic to return to the NBL and these days fans now have a page to go to called Bring back the South East Melbourne Magic, the page has over 600 likes and has some fine artwork as well as pictures of fantastic memorabilia but they also working on banding together to fight for the rebirth of the great NBL team and their efforts are top class.

The members are really friendly so if you are a fan of the SE Melbourne Magic or you respected them and you want to join them then click here or any of the links on this page to be taken there, there is also an Instagram account and an Twitter account for fans to visit too, watch them carefully for reminisces and potential future actions, now is the right time to stand up and be heard today and every day onwards.