Which title is the best?

1993 or 1997?
2005/06 or 2007/08?

As most Tigers fans know the Tigers after going through the 1980’s empty handed won two titles each in the 1990’s and 2000’s and contested an additional two Grand Final series each in both decades.

Each title win is memorable for their own reasons, 1993 was won over in Perth where the Tigers had to win over there for the first time to win the title and 1997 was a year that started horribly before the incredible winning streak that (Melbourne United needs another six to match) propelled the Tigers to the title against the Magic which avenged the narrow losses in 1992 and 1996.

Then came 2005/06 when Brian Goorjian and his Kings were dominating the league and the Tigers dispatched them with relative ease and then the 2007/08 series was a series of thrills as it went down to the wire with the Tigers winning the decider in Sydney to take the title 3-2.

Each title won brought a great level of satisfaction, beating the Wildcats in Perth to the dismay of their fans in 1993 was something to behold, beating the Magic was always something special and beating Brian Goorjian twice more was something to be pleased with as the Tigers finally won more series than lost against him (Brian struck back with the South Dragons in 2008/09 making it 3-3).

So which is the best win of them all? Is there a definitive answer or perhaps the answer just simply is………

All of them.


United insult the Sydney Kings in Arena

There is no doubt that Melbourne and Sydney compete in a lot of things in recent years from which should be higher up the world’s greatest city chart, which city should be our nation’s capital instead of Canberra to which Basketball team performs better, Tigers fans remember those mid 2000’s when the Sydney Kings came up against Melbourne in the finals and the honours were pretty much equally shared as they taken titles from each other, victories were made sweeter because the Kings were coached by Brian Goorjian and defeats were bitter for the same reason even if he did play for the Tigers at the beginning part of the team’s NBL journey.

Melbourne United have decided to take on the Sydney Kings with a message at Hisense Arena telling United’s players to ‘Go Hard Or Go To Sydney’, there is no doubt that Sydney when they discover this apparent message of inspiration will be either not amused or amused enough to come up with something of their own, perhaps Sydney will just let their Basketball do all the talking when the two sides meet in the near future for they are considered just as formidable as United are.