Which title is the best?

1993 or 1997?
2005/06 or 2007/08?

As most Tigers fans know the Tigers after going through the 1980’s empty handed won two titles each in the 1990’s and 2000’s and contested an additional two Grand Final series each in both decades.

Each title win is memorable for their own reasons, 1993 was won over in Perth where the Tigers had to win over there for the first time to win the title and 1997 was a year that started horribly before the incredible winning streak that (Melbourne United needs another six to match) propelled the Tigers to the title against the Magic which avenged the narrow losses in 1992 and 1996.

Then came 2005/06 when Brian Goorjian and his Kings were dominating the league and the Tigers dispatched them with relative ease and then the 2007/08 series was a series of thrills as it went down to the wire with the Tigers winning the decider in Sydney to take the title 3-2.

Each title won brought a great level of satisfaction, beating the Wildcats in Perth to the dismay of their fans in 1993 was something to behold, beating the Magic was always something special and beating Brian Goorjian twice more was something to be pleased with as the Tigers finally won more series than lost against him (Brian struck back with the South Dragons in 2008/09 making it 3-3).

So which is the best win of them all? Is there a definitive answer or perhaps the answer just simply is………

All of them.


Wildcats take win against United in O/T finish

The Wildcats had runned and stunned and had some nerve racking fun with the Melbourne United Ballers today winning in overtime 81 to 80, the Wildcats haven’t had a great time against The United Ballers this season and they would of went home empty handed had a last ditch shot by the United Ballers to score the winner went in but to the delight of the Red Army it missed and the win was Perth’s.

The Melbourne United Ballers at last had a crowd in the 6000’s which will no doubt make the front office of the team happy after crowd totals in previous games hung around the 5000 mark which is lower than the Tigers average at Hisense Arena during the 2013/14 season.

The Melbourne United Ballers next game is against the Sydney Kings in Sydney which will no doubt be a game of interest with Josh Childress sure to be playing this time, it is expected that Childress will give Sydney a good chance of the Kings avenging their loss to the United Ballers last week.