Add some Tigers to your day

Motivation can be hard at times, success at Melbourne United whether it’s at corporate level or playing level may make you feel down but you can make things turn around easily by just talking about or showing something about the Melbourne Tigers.

You can post your thoughts on a great match video and show video of it for others to give their opinion, you can show trading cards of players throughout the years, you can talk about how good a Tigers vs United match would be in a future season, you could tell how eager you are to be playing in the near future as the Tigers against United on the NBL2K13 MOD of NBA2k13 when it is released or even Tigers vs Magic, Tigers vs Giants and all the other Melbourne and Geelong teams, you can post a picture of yourself and family in Tigers gear, you can tweet or post blog posts or newspaper articles that have gotten your attention and more.

People love seeing action, if a page or group has people posting then it gets the attention of others and they feel like contributing and it continues on from there and it can become catchy and once that happens it can spread around and carry on from there.

Giants, Titans, Magic, Supercats and Dragons fans can all do the same thing about their teams because if you remain silent about something you really believe in then nobody will know about it and the hopes and dreams you have will fade off and eventually die and that would be an awful shame.

Add some Tigers to your day because it could be something that will inspire others to do the same.


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