Emailed letters to Crivelli, United Owners goes unanswered

Melbourne Tigers fans email to Melbourne United CEO Vince Crivelli asking him to read letters addressed to him and Melbourne United’s owners has not been answered, this has been expected by some fans even though the message was polite and diplomatic in seeking a solution to the problem that has divided Basketball fans across Australia, the letter was also posted on this blog and passed around on Twitter hoping for Basketball reporters to pick it up.

Tigers fans will be delighted that a Tweet carrying the blog form of the letter was favourited by Lanard Copeland and we are extremely grateful for that, the letter will continue to be passed around until somebody in the media or Melbourne United reads it and attempts to answer the plea to let the Melbourne Tigers name and history be in somebody else’s hands to enable a future return to the NBL either by straight return or a slower return via SEABL or BigV.


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