Tigers fans and Magic fans converse about campaign efforts

While some rivalries could hinder efforts done in the name of the greater good, Melbourne Tigers fans and South East Melbourne Magic fans have put aside past battles and found common ground in the fact that both teams are out of the NBL and both want somebody to get both teams back in, Tigers fans sought and were given counsel by Magic fans as they attempt to find ways to stay in the fight, Tigers fans were very impressed by the suggestions given by the SE Melbourne Magic fans and will no doubt ask for more counsel should the need arise while helping the Magic find more of it’s fans as they continue to speak up about wanting to be in the league.

If you are a SE Melbourne Magic fan or you are a person who believes that the Magic should be back in the NBL can visit ‘Bring Back the South East Melbourne Magic‘ page on Facebook and give the page a like and let them know that you support the return of the Magic.


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