Be a Tiger by showing your outer Tiger everyday

This writer this morning woke up and decided to go to TAFE a little differently by pulling out my Melbourne Tigers jersey and going to TAFE with it on, I’ve seen many people particularly teens going around wearing NBA jerseys but Deniliquin, NSW today was seeing me walk around in an NBL jersey.

I felt really good, it’s no lie that the last week has been a struggle as Tigers fans have been swamped by the Ballers winning their first regular season game and attempts to link up with Dragons and Magic fans have largely failed although Magic fans have been more receptive to our plans to help get the Tigers name released and begin the long journey back to the NBL or the Ballers become the Tigers again and we can do so much with pictures, we can make a picture film showing the many Tigers fans out there who want the above to happen, people can finally see people power coming together and everyone can participate no matter where in the world they are.

Wearing the jersey game me an idea why not we show our Tigers colours everyday, it can be a sign, it can be a hat or a jersey or a onesie if you are adventurous, a picture can be taken inside or outside and not only will it make you proud to be a Tigers fan but it will show people that Tigers fans are out there but let’s not make this Tigers exclusive because if you are reading this and you are a Giants fan, a Magic fan, a Dragons fan or a Supercats fan you can also do the same on your preferred page and show others that you want your team living again in the NBL.

A picture tells a thousand words and mine starts with the words ‘I am a Tiger’, what will yours say?.




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