Will the Giants fans rise?

Over the last few days we’ve reported on South East Melbourne Magic  and South Dragons fans starting to increase their efforts in the hopes the NBL brings their teams back into the competition but fans of one team have largely been quiet and they are the fans of the North Melbourne Giants, As most of us know the Giants who were originally the Coburg Giants (who still exist) had their own array of basketball stars such as Darryl McDonald, Scott Fisher and Ray Borner and great coaches such as Bruce Palmer and Brett Brown and they as much as any team have the right to oppose any moves by Melbourne United to ‘honour’ them particularly when their club is not dead.

Giants fans are encouraged to make a group or a page and share the Giants greatest moments, keep people updated on how well Coburg are doing and enable fans to give Melbourne United their point of view, the Giants as well as the Geelong Supercats (who are very much alive and will be written about later) deserve to not have their history used as a membership and/or game attendance selling point by Melbourne United because as mentioned earlier both teams are still living in different competitions and have been successful in their own right.



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