Dragons fans flock to WANMU

South Dragons fans have today proven they are hungry as ever after flocking to our story ‘Dragons p###sed off by HS mistake

Our first story on the Dragons was back ironically in October 2014 when we reported on the success of ‘Save our South Dragons’ with this story then we reported on the page reaching 800 likes then it got really quiet and so we wondered if the Magic and Dragons stopped their charge for the NBL then the Dragons page recently wrote an article on The Pick and Roll which inspired this answer from the Tigers fans point of view and then the HS made their mistake.

Today the story on the Herald Sun mistake was reluctantly shared with the Dragons page and reluctantly is because you never know what response one would get being this writer is a Tigers fan who doesn’t buy into hatred etc that most people say about Victorian basketball because every side deserves to get their opinion heard even if somebody says hell no to it.

Almost immediately the link was shared by the page and boom the Dragons fans flocked to this blog site like fire breathing Dragons spotting a group of hapless Knights in a fantasy movie, so much so the current total has broken all records for this blog site.

The amount of readers (60+ and still rising) has shown that their is a lot of interest in the Dragons and it is advised Dragons fans that you mine the interest for all it is worth, start a petition on Change.org calling on the NBL to admit the Dragons into the NBL or do some more of that great art that is made for the page like the picture in this story, do stories on how Dragons players are doing now, anything to get the interest piquing further.

This is your time to do something, if you are truly hungry for it to happen then you got to make it happen, it only takes one person to stand up and take a chance to start things rolling, are you the reader of this story that person?????

Moral of today’s story is that Dragons fans love to read.



Has the Dragons and Magic fan charge stopped?

When talk of the South Dragons possible return to the NBL was running rampant in the media, Facebook group ‘Save Our South Dragons‘ experienced a massive surge in numbers of likes for their page but now the page has been stuck in the 800’s for some time,

The same has occurred over at ‘Bring Back The South East Melbourne Magic‘ for they have stopped in the 600’s after experiencing a boom of their own which is a shame considering when thriving they have a very passionate community.

With the United Ballers all but missing out on the 2014/15 NBL finals series, now is a good time for both the Magic and the Dragons fans and the teams consortium’s to start flexing their muscles while readying for the 2016/17 season for Victorians don’t like teams who fail to make the big time and will be looking for a team who state they can walk the walk and talk the talk.

On the other hand, the Melbourne Tigers are still busy rebuilding and planning their future with their fans hoping for some BigV success this year so don’t count out the Tigers from looming in the shadows of the United Ballers and raising the stakes in the ‘Battle for Melbourne’.

Stay tuned fans.