BigV Tigers need NBL Tigers fans support

Melbourne Tigers fans may be facing it’s first season out of the NBL since it’s existence in 1984 (with United claiming they are a new entity) there is some comfort to know that the Melbourne Tigers that play in the BigV are still going strong and needs fans to attend their matches in their next season, it is important for Melbourne Tigers fans to remember that without the BigV side’s 1931 birth there wouldn’t be the Melbourne Tigers that played (and will play again) in the NBL, for further incentive it should be noted that United are supporting the Mckinnon Basketball Association which has teams in the BigV and therefore are a Tigers rival should any of the Tigers team meet them.

Fans of the Nunawading Spectres, Coburg Giants (aka North Melbourne Giants), Frankston Blues (formerly Frankston Bears in the NBL) and the Geelong Supercats are also playing in the BigV therefore fans of those sides should also flock to their matches and support the teams instead of joining United’s aim to ‘unite’ all the fans under their umbrella.



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