Newspapers hardly warming to United

Despite the optimism expressed by Melbourne United, it seems that newspapers are taking their time marching to the beat of Melbourne United’s drum, The Age and The Herald Sun has given Melbourne United only a small slice of space available in the sports section of the paper with the only news in the last two days being on import Stephen Dennis’s attempt to recover from injury and the hopes for a massive crowd at their opening game following the team’s corporate success in the off season.

United are doing a better job on the radio front with interviews on SEN and 3AW, both radio stations have generously read texts from Tigers supporters opposing United in the same segment allowing a fair conversation to take place although the answers from Chris Anstey appearing scripted lacking the personal touch with the majority of time spent discussing past Victorian NBL teams needing to be honoured as well as the Tigers.

Perhaps in the coming days the papers will take more interest but with around a million Victorians reading the papers daily compared to the number listening to the radio, United are late getting to the party when it comes to getting attention from the state.


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