Mills, Bogut question United

Australian Basketballers Patty Mills and Andrew Bogut on Twitter have questioned Melbourne United’s move to not honour the retired jersey numbers that were retired by the Melbourne Tigers, Melbourne United have decided to use jersey numbers 6 and 21 that were retired by the Tigers in past seasons.

Melbourne United say they plan to ‘honour’ the Tigers legends are well as South East Melbourne Magic, North Melbourne Giants and all other former Victorian NBL clubs but they will not be keeping the retired Tigers numbers retired, Melbourne United believes that since the club was ‘born’ out of the Melbourne Tigers it is a new entity therefore will not be following Melbourne Tigers history and records.

NBL Patty


One thought on “Mills, Bogut question United

  1. You are not respecting , Giddy or Copland, by using their numbers. You are not a new team, you took over The Tigers and just gave yourself a new name. You have no idea what you have done to this state, we dont have a basketball team anymore and you are making it worse , by doing this kind of rubbish. Dont fool yourself by thinking you are doing the right thing,your not. We want the Melbourne Tigers back and as far as i and many more are concerned, basketball is DEAD in this state, until you give Melbourne back the Tigers name.


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