United’s Tangled Web

Many would think that Melbourne United was made official on May 20 2014 but the sad reality is that Melbourne United sneaked into the Tigers den way before then, on January 30 2014 Melbourne United Basketball Club was registered as a business name while the entity name officially changed from Melbourne Tigers Pty Ltd (existed from the 27th of June 2012) to Melbourne United Basketball Club Pty Ltd on the 13th of June 2014 which interestingly was weeks after the announcement of the change.

Melbourneunited.com.au was registered on the 20th of March 2014, the Registrar was TPP Wholesale Pty Ltd and the registrant was BIZ-AUS Pty Ltd, the registrant contact name is Bill Geldis who appears to be the Network Support Representive at Dodo Australia, formerly owned by the owners of Melbourne United,

For those wanting to see all the details themselves can click on here to be taken to the ABN lookup site and for all the details on Melbourneunited.com.au click here.


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