Does anybody care about the Giants anymore?

When it comes to teams that are missed you have people missing the Melbourne Tigers, West Sydney Razorbacks, Canberra Cannons, Brisbane Bullets, South East Melbourne Magic, South Dragons and many others but one team gone from the NBL but is still around is the Coburg Giants.

The team started their NBL journey as Coburg in 1980 before moving to North Melbourne in 1987, winning the NBL title in 1989 and 1994 before merging with SE Melbourne Magic for the 1998/99 Season before becoming the Victoria Titans and finally Victoria Giants before it was all over in 2004.

The Giants live on in the Coburg Basketball Association with the team having great success on and off the court but when it comes to NBL chatter the talk about the Giants is little compared to the other teams and so We Are Not United encourages Giants fans to talk Giants basketball, make a page, educate people about the team and who knows maybe the Giants can become a force again one competition at a time.


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