United Baller’s 2014/15 Finals hopes officially over

The United Baller’s finals hopes are now over with a massive loss to the Cairns Taipans tonight, the side was already under pressure with Adelaide defeating New Zealand earlier in the week forcing the equation that United must win all four of their games with Adelaide losing all three of theirs for United to make the finals.

United’s bosses, coaches and players are no doubt relieved that their torturous season is over, from the arrival of United on May 20 2014 they’ve seen the departure of many Tigers fans, the loss of Chris Anstey after one regular season game, slow buildup of crowds, a solid finals spot slip slide away, D-Mac becoming more furious with every loss, United Ballers losing to the bottom teams that all but crippled their season, players criticizing others in the newspapers and now knocked out of finals contention.

While there are still three regular season games for the United Ballers to play, there is no doubt that plans for the 2015/16 season are now underway, many suspect D-Mac will not be the 2015/16 coach and the future of the imports is questionable, this season has proven that the throwing around of millions of dollars doesn’t guarantee success particularly when loyalty and harmony are missing from the team both on the court and in the stands.

Many Tigers fans are celebrating tonight for the Tigers made the 2013/14 finals season without sacrificing so much for a boost in finances but it must be said there is a tinge of sadness for many of the players and staff who are great members of the Tigers family are at United and do not deserve to be front row witnesses to such an imploding end to United’s season.

The defiant Tigers fans will be cheering on the Tigers BigV team in their upcoming BigV season this year and hope the side makes the finals to prove that the Tigers and not United are Melbourne.

Who are Melbourne? Melbourne Tigers are Melbourne!.



Media belts United over Anstey’s departure

Chris Anstey’s departure as Melbourne United coach just one game into the season has brought Melbourne’s media to United’s doorstep and some of the statements reached mocking levels, SEN today asked listeners ‘Should Melbourne United’s longest serving coach been able to double his record.’, 65% said that Anstey should of been given the chance instead of his United stint ending at just one game.

Meanwhile on Facebook 94.44% of those at  Save The Melbourne Tigers (not Melbourne United) answered ‘No’ to the question on ‘Do you believe that Chris Anstey really did step down on his own accord?’ while there has been a sharp spike in pro Tigers messages at CTI Melbourne United’s Facebook page as many feel Chris Anstey was pushed out of the job despite Melbourne United denying this was the case.

The Herald Sun slammed Melbourne United with the headline ‘United No More’ with a picture featuring Darryl McDonald, David Barlow, Chris Anstey and team owner Michael Slepoy looking downcast on the sidelines during Sunday’s game while a cartoon showing Anstey in a net saying ‘Time Out’ was also shown in the article while The Age also weighed into this chaotic situation even as United said they’ll undertake a nationwide search for a new coach .

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Was Anstey Sacked or Pushed?

Chris Anstey is gone from Melbourne United but the question is was he sacked or was he pushed? Melbourne United have said on their website that he stepped down while SEN and other media organizations said he was sacked and SEN is a very reliable source when it comes to sports news and they wouldn’t want to get their information wrong.

Regardless it appears that he either lost the support of the playing group or lost the ability to communicate with them, this has happened at AFL club Western Bulldogs when the coach lost the support of the playing group including it’s captain who wants a trade from the club and he therefore had to leave the club.

‘We Are Not United’ has no beef with Chris Anstey or the players (although on the players side we wish Tomlinson and Page didn’t use #6 and #21), Chris Anstey played great basketball for the Tigers, he helped the team win two of it’s four titles and he lead them to finals last year, fans found shortcomings in his coaching ability but overall he was eventually successful getting them to finals and that should not be forgotten.

We leave great Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut with the final word.

Is United controlling what is said?

Melbourne Tigers fans reading the newspaper today would of been amused at the sight of seeing the Melbourne Tiger beside the Cairns Taipans logo for the game coming up on Sunday instead of Melbourne United’s logo.

Amusement would of turned to amazement when looking below the picture and seeing Mark Worthington’s comments would of noticed that his comments on the Tigers situation were word for word to comments made by Chris Anstey earlier this week when he was live on SEN with him answering a text message submitted to the station by a Melbourne Tigers fan, those who want to see Mark Worthington’s words can see them below while Chris Anstey’s appearance on SEN can be heard here.

The word for word usage by Worthington and Anstey has lead to questions of whether or not that Melbourne United has a tight leash on what players, coaching staff and other members of the organization are allowed to say to the media and other outlets.

We Are Not United thank all the fans who provided us with the information and pictures for this article.