Media belts United over Anstey’s departure

Chris Anstey’s departure as Melbourne United coach just one game into the season has brought Melbourne’s media to United’s doorstep and some of the statements reached mocking levels, SEN today asked listeners ‘Should Melbourne United’s longest serving coach been able to double his record.’, 65% said that Anstey should of been given the chance instead of his United stint ending at just one game.

Meanwhile on Facebook 94.44% of those at  Save The Melbourne Tigers (not Melbourne United) answered ‘No’ to the question on ‘Do you believe that Chris Anstey really did step down on his own accord?’ while there has been a sharp spike in pro Tigers messages at CTI Melbourne United’s Facebook page as many feel Chris Anstey was pushed out of the job despite Melbourne United denying this was the case.

The Herald Sun slammed Melbourne United with the headline ‘United No More’ with a picture featuring Darryl McDonald, David Barlow, Chris Anstey and team owner Michael Slepoy looking downcast on the sidelines during Sunday’s game while a cartoon showing Anstey in a net saying ‘Time Out’ was also shown in the article while The Age also weighed into this chaotic situation even as United said they’ll undertake a nationwide search for a new coach .

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