Was Anstey Sacked or Pushed?

Chris Anstey is gone from Melbourne United but the question is was he sacked or was he pushed? Melbourne United have said on their website that he stepped down while SEN and other media organizations said he was sacked and SEN is a very reliable source when it comes to sports news and they wouldn’t want to get their information wrong.

Regardless it appears that he either lost the support of the playing group or lost the ability to communicate with them, this has happened at AFL club Western Bulldogs when the coach lost the support of the playing group including it’s captain who wants a trade from the club and he therefore had to leave the club.

‘We Are Not United’ has no beef with Chris Anstey or the players (although on the players side we wish Tomlinson and Page didn’t use #6 and #21), Chris Anstey played great basketball for the Tigers, he helped the team win two of it’s four titles and he lead them to finals last year, fans found shortcomings in his coaching ability but overall he was eventually successful getting them to finals and that should not be forgotten.

We leave great Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut with the final word.


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