Tigers fans rally at Hisense Arena

As mentioned in the Herald Sun, Tigers fans held a rally outside Hisense Arena and put on a friendly and informative display.

The afternoon did not start well for Tigers fans with a security officer radioing for backup immediately after Tigers fans started showing up leading to four security officers surrounding three members who were awaiting the arrival of others, after a debate over rights to be in the park, the park manager arrived and told the group they had to move on but the group were told the main footpath was acceptable and so the group moved to the footpath which gave the gatherers the opportunity to meet Basketball fans and the general public allowing Tigers fans message to get through to the people, fliers were distributed to the people and they were well received with many no doubt been given food for thought based on the information provided.

As you can see the fans looked brilliant with their signs and their jerseys and there are plans to consider doing it again and with the Bathurst 1000 and the marathon out of the way more Tigers fans may be available to rally with those who have done it before and really ensure that United and the NBL know that Melbourne Tigers are still on the minds of fans and perhaps Kestleman, Slepoy and Crivelli will let the Tigers name and history go and let it live on again like the Sydney Kings or in the case of the NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs although in their case their rights weren’t held onto by somebody else but they were resurrected and in the minds of fans that’s all that matters.





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